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New German Phrase List for Absolute Beginners!

Hi there Listener,

Your first German phrase.

It’s the first step to speaking German

Basic phrases like “How are you,” “Thank you,” and “Where’s the bathroom!?” are what beginners learn first. And since you’ll use them daily in Germany, mastering these phrases is a must.

Learn the Essential Phrases with the German Key Phrases List!

The German Key Phrase List is free and the newest addition to the German Resources Corner. You learn the most commonly used phrases of the German language with this list. Each phrase comes with the native audio pronunciation, German translation, transliteration, and an illustration to make it memorable.

Mastering these basic phrases takes minutes!

Just browse through the list, play and repeat to rapidly improve your listening and speaking skills. That’s it! Premium members can add these phrases to the WordBank, Spaced Repetition Flashcards, and review with AutoPlay.

Access the German Key Phrase List in the German Resources of the main menu at GermanPod101 or by clicking on the link below!

Click Here To Learn The Most Common German Phrases!