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Get 45% off with the 6-month challenge. Hurry! Ends soon! Blog
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New German Resources Corner

Hi there listener,

When students start learning German, a ton of questions start popping into their brains like…

“How’d the German language come to be?”
“What are the top 100 German words I should know?”
“What’s the deal with this crazy grammar?”
“Where’s a good dictionary when you need one?”

You’ve got questions; we’ve got answers.

You’ll find them and a lot more at the newly redesigned German Resources Corner. It covers everything from language origins, the writing system, grammar, and must-know vocabulary down to extras like mobile apps and the dictionary. Best of all, you get access to FREE resources like:

  • About the German Language
  • German Pronunciation
  • Introduction to Grammar
  • German Dictionary
  • 100 Most Common Words
  • …and more!
  • The German Resources Corner is a master list of everything you’ll need to know about German. Jump in, master the basics of reading, writing, and grammar, and reinforce the material you learn from Audio and Video lessons.

    Click Here To Visit The German Resources Section!