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New Dashboard Upgrade: Customize Your German Learning!

Hello Listener,

Last July, the GermanPod101 Dashboard made its first appearance. It provides a great place to start if you’re completely new to GermanPod101 and don’t know where which level is right for you.

In short, the Dashboard allows you to:

  • Start at a lesson appropriate for your level
  • Track your German learning progress with every lesson completed
  • Jump to the next lesson from the Dashboard by pressing “Study Now”
  • And the feedback? It was incredibly positive and filled with great suggestions. Thank you for reaching out to us! We listened and this past month, applied the suggestions to your Dashboard.

    Your New Dashboard V1.1: Take control of your German learning!

    What’s New?

    Want to study on your own terms? Skip the recommended lesson and customize your learning! With the new update, you can now:

  • Customize the dashboard with the series you want to study
  • Reorganize the dashboard courses
  • Set your target course
  • Jump directly to the next lesson of your series with the “Study” button
  • Customizing Your Dashboard

    The Dashboard is now fully editable (add, remove, reorganize, set a target series) and there is no limit on how many series you can add. You’ll see the top 3 series that you’re currently working on, while the rest can be viewed by clicking on “See All.”

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Add A Series

    Go to ”Browse Lessons”, find the series you want and click on it. On main series page, just below the description, click on the “Add to Dashboard” checkbox. It will now appear in “My Courses” on your Dashboard. If you have more than three series already, you’ll be able to find it by clicking on “See

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Remove A Series.

    While in the “My Courses” section of your Dashboard, click on “Edit” just below the “Study” Button. To remove it, click on the No Symbol (). Once you’re done, press “Done Editing.”

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Reorganize Your Dashboard

    While editing your dashboard, click on a series and drag it to your desired location. Once you’re done, press “Done Editing.”

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Set Your Target Course

    Notice the green target symbol ( ) while in “Edit” mode? That is your main course which will appear in the lesson recommendation list below. To change it, simply click on the gray target symbol of a different series and you’ll see a green notification that your target has been changed. Your lesson recommendation list will also be updated.

    (sample screenshot taken from

    Quick “Study” Button
    Quickly jump to the next lesson of your course! Just like the “Study Now” button in the lesson recommendation list, this will take you to the next lesson of that series.

    We hope you enjoy the brand new Dashboard! We’ll of course continue to listen to our fans and tweak the Dashboard to provide the very best experience for everyone. If you have questions or feedback for us, send us an email here.

    Click Here To Test The New Dashboard At GermanPod101.Com!