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Don’t Need To Go Back To School To Learn German

Hello Listener,

No textbooks. No deadlines. And you’ll never oversleep.

You don’t have to go back to school to learn German the way it’s spoken in real life.

You need to learn from real-life conversations, not textbook examples. And you learn it from our German lesson hosts who break down the necessary words and grammar so you start speaking immediately. No dry textbook conversations here!

Start your German semester at GermanPod101!

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From beginner to advanced video and audio lessons, our German lesson hosts break down the basics the fast fun and easy way. Set your learning level, start a recommended lesson and track your progress as you improve!

You master:

  • Greetings and introductions
  • Learning to read and write in German
  • Ordering food and asking for directions
  • Expressing opinions
  • Making conversation in German
  • And go up to intermediate and advanced concepts like:

  • Idioms and speaking styles that only native speakers know
  • Grammar lessons to improve your range of expression
  • German-only advanced lessons
  • …and more!
  • Done with a lesson? Cut your learning time in half with Premium tools:

  • Drill vocabulary with Spaced Repetition (SRS) Flashcards
  • Save words for later study with Word Bank
  • Get conversationally fluent with 2000 Most Common German Words List
  • Practice pronunciation with line-by-line transcripts
  • …and more!
  • You don’t have to go back to school to learn German as it’s spoken in real life. Go at your own pace with GermanPod101 and save 20% on all Premium subscriptions ‘til August 31st!

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