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December Newsletter: Year in Review & 3 German New Year’s Gifts Inside

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Hello Listener,

The year’s about to come to a close. While you were improving your German, we were busy churning out great new updates, features and lessons. 2014 was a fantastic time to learn language with us.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • 3,343+ New Lessons spanning over 31 languages published this year.
  • 300 Million Lesson Downloads across all sites, since our start in 2005.
  • 2 New Language Learning Sites: CzechClass & DanishClass101. That’s a total of 31 languages you can learn with Innovative Language.
  • Innovative Language 101 App launched for the Android, iPhone, iPad & Kindle Fire so you can learn German on the go.
  • New Features: Vocab Lists, Season Vocabulary & Premium PLUS My Teacher tool for 1-on-1 German learning at GermanPod101.

As our final thank you to you, dear listener, we’ve included 3 gifts inside this December Newsletter: a New Year’s video lesson, a Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions in German phrase list and the Newly upgraded Core Word Lists.

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Thank you for learning German the fast, fun and easy way in 2014. Starting in January 2015, we have EVEN MORE free lessons, gifts, giveaways and new features for you.

From all of us at GermanPod101 and Innovative Language Learning – including our lesson writers, hosts, teachers, editors, customer care representatives and technical staff – we wish you and your family a safe, happy and healthy New Year!

Thanks for reading,

Peter Galante, Founder, and the Innovative Language Team

P.S. New lessons begin on Monday, January 5th, 2015!

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We’re Giving Thanks with German Lessons for as Low as $0.09/Day & a FREE Video Lesson!

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Hello Listener,

It’s that time of year again when we give thanks for all that we are grateful for. And at GermanPod101, we have a lot to be thankful for this year, including:

  • Reaching 300 Million Lesson Downloads Thanks to Your Help!
  • Helping Thousands of Students Master German This Year
  • Helping Tens of Thousands of Others Begin their German Learning Journey

Most importantly, we are thankful for YOU!

So today, we’re thanking you with 2 gifts. A free video lesson, “31 Ways To Say Thank You” And we’re giving you a BIG 30% OFF ALL Basic or Premium plans to help you learn German this year with our best German lessons and advanced learning system.

With these savings, you can achieve your dream of mastering German for less than what most people spend on big textbooks or classes. And you get a ton more lessons, study tools and apps for…

  • As Low as $2.80/month or $0.09/Day with Basic
  • As Low as $7/Month or $0.23/Day with Premium
  • …and You Save Up to $72 in Maximum Savings!

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That’s instant access to lessons that get you speaking German in minutes. How? Our instructors teach you how to speak and respond in German in every lesson. It’s that simple. And you get over 150 Hours of Audio and Video Lessons with Basic or Premium.

With Premium, you unlock unlimited GermanPod101 Access – All Lessons, Lesson Notes, Study Tools, Smart Flashcards, Apps and More – and dramatically reduce your learning time. Premium includes all of these advanced tools for as low as $0.23 a day:

  • Learning Guidance: We help you start learning German so you don’t have to worry about the details. Select your learning level (Absolute Beginner to Advanced) and follow our lesson recommendations.
  • Access To Our Lesson Library: 880+ German Audio and Video lessons from Absolute Beginner to Advanced.
  • Feedback from German Instructors: Have a question about a lesson? Leave a comment and get feedback from our native German teachers.
  • Get All the Newest Lessons: On top of the current Library, several new German lessons are published weekly.
  • PDF Lesson Notes For Every Lesson:Get each lesson in writing with PDF Notes. Read along as you listen with detailed explanations, or review after a lesson.
  • Mobile Access for iPhone & Android Users: Access all lessons and notes anywhere.
  • Progress Tracking: Track your progress to see how much you’ve accomplished and know which lessons to study next.

Click here to unlock unlimited Premium access for just $7/month or $0.23/day!

  • New App! Exclusive iPhone, iPad or Android Access: Learn German on the go. Use our personalized learning system on your mobile device.
  • Custom Lists Web App: Create your own German word lists and take advantage of other users’ lists to master even more vocab.
  • Season Vocabulary: Get all the vocab instantly from any lesson series for quick review. Use with Flashcards or Word Bank.
  • 2,000 Must-Know Words List: All the German words you need for conversational fluency. Use this with Flashcards and the Word Bank.
  • Smart Flashcards:Learn vocabulary fast and create your own study decks.
  • Your Personal Word Bank: Your personal word list. Save new words that you come across here to review later.
  • Line-By-Line Pronunciation: Hear every line from the lesson conversation again and again with line-by-line breakdown.
  • Voice Recording: Perfect your pronunciation by recording yourself and comparing your German with native speakers’. Use this with Line-by-Line.
  • 1-Click Lesson Downloads: Download any series with the Premium iTunes Feed.
  • Review Quizzes: Review what you’ve learned after every lesson with quizzes.

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Over 2,090 audio and video lessons, instructor comments and lesson notes, and the tools and resources you need to learn and master German – all for just $7.00 a month or $0.23 cents/day with Premium!

Are you ready to realize your dream of learning German?Then sign up now during our Thank You promotion and there really is no way you can lose!

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Signing Up is Risk-Free.

You Get a 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. No matter how long you subscribe for, you have 2 full months to evaluate every tool, lesson and resource. If you aren’t 100% thrilled with your German progress, simply email us for a FULL REFUND on your entire subscription.

No hassles. No questions asked.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Team GermanPod101

P.S. Please enjoy your Thanksgiving Dinner but be sure to claim your free gift and instant 30% savings on any Basic or Premium plan.

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Hello Listener,

Just one thing is standing between you and speaking and understanding more German.

German Words.

But how do you learn more? Do you dig through a dictionary and write down every new word?

Then memorize, memorize and memorize? That’ll take a long time.

Or you can 1) master 2,000+ must-know words, 2) make unlimited flashcards for new words, and 3) learn faster on your iPhone or iPad. How? With our New German Vocab Bundle!

Get our 3 Best German Vocab Apps for the price of 1! That’s 40% OFF the total $25.97 retail price and 3 unique ways to master more German! Hurry, this quick bundle deal ends Thursday, November 13th, 2014!

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So, what’s this German Vocab App Bundle exactly? You get 3 of our best German vocab apps for the price of one, instantly. That’s 3 different ways to learn more German words. The total price of all apps inside is $25.97. You get ‘em all for $15.99.

  • WordPower German – Experts say you need 1,500 words for conversational fluency. You learn the Top 2,000 Words with WordPower fast with Easy Categories and Courses (Business, Food, School, etc.), Progress Tracking, Word Bank and Smart Flashcards. Retail price: $9.99
  • My Words German – My Words gives you 10 words a day. Just 10. In a year, that’s 3,650+. Perfect if you’re low on time and want to learn at a slow, easy pace with guaranteed progress. Learn 10 words in a few minutes every day. Retail price: $9.99
  • Gengo Audio Flashcards – Learned a new word? Make a flashcard so you can come back and review. This App comes with 250+ words to start you off. And the best part? you can make unlimited flashcards. Add new words, your own picture and your own recording and then review later with quizzes. Retail price: $5.99

Ends Tomorrow! Click here to save 40%, get ALL 3 Apps and master German vocab!

And if you own one of these Apps, get the Bundle for even less! For example, if you have WordPower, that’s $9.99 deducted from the Bundle price, meaning you pay ($16.99 - $9.99 =) just $7.00 to complete the Bundle.

You’re getting 3 Apps and 3 ways to master more German for the price of 1.

  1. That’s 2,000+ must-know German words you can master on your device!
  2. An easy-paced 10-words-a-day method, perfect for faster and slower learners alike.
  3. Unlimited flashcards for all the new German words you’ll ever learn.

And Apps Help! You’re a dedicated student of German. The more resources you conquer – the more practice you get – the better you become. Fact. Books, movies, flashcards, apps: it all helps. That extra inch of effort now becomes a mile of progress when you’re fluent.

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To your fluency,

Team GermanPod101

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For Halloween: Your Spooky German Words, Monster-Sized 28% OFF & Free Features

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Hello Listener,

Are you looking for some German learning treats this Halloween? Well, we’ve got some for you right here in this newsletter, including scary German words you’ll need for Halloween, a Monster-Sized Discount on our complete German learning system and a Free Feature that you might not have known about! Keep reading to get your spooky treats and updates of the month!

In this month’s newsletter:

  1. Ends Friday! Get 28% OFF Basic or Premium at GermanPod101!
  2. Learn the Scariest, Must-Know German Words for Halloween!
  3. Free Feature! Want to Speak More German? Learn the Top 100 Words

1. Ends Friday! Learn German with a Monster-Sized 28% OFF!
Ready to learn German with this MONSTER-Sized Deal? Then take advantage and get 28% OFF Basic or Premium. You get full access to our Best Lessons – 150+ hours of German Audio and Video Lessons – exclusive App Access, Lesson Notes, Study Tools and more. As low as $2.88/month to learn German. But hurry! This Halloween Sale ends 10/31/2014.

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2. What are the Scariest, Must-Know German Words for Halloween?
Boo! How would you say that in German? Or any other Halloween word? Well, here’s your Halloween treat. Learn the Top Halloween German Words with this free list. Simply click below, listen to the audio pronunciation and repeat out loud! Or, use the Autoplay button to view the words in a slideshow. This is our gift to you for being part of GermanPod101.

Click here to get the Free German Halloween Word List!

3. Free Feature Alert: Learn The Top 100 German Words
As a German beginner, this is your master list of the words you need to know. Live it. Love it. Breathe it. Access the list, and review each word with translations, pronunciations, relevant pictures and sample sentences. Master these first 100 words and know what’ll happen next? You’ll realize you can learn the next hundred too and understand even more German!

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New! Go from your 1st German phrase to knowing 700 with the German PhrasePower iBook

Hello Listener,

Remember your first German phrase?

Was it “Hello, how are you,” “My name is….” or maybe “I have no idea what I’m saying?”

Every German learner starts out with simple phrases and questions. That’s because learning phrases is easy. They’re exactly what get you speaking, understanding, and improving your German in the first place. Not just random, unusable words.

So as a German Beginner, having a powerful German phrasebook is the easiest way to speak more German. And with our brand new iBook, you master over 700 phrases.

Master 700+ essential German phrases with the NEW Learn German: PhrasePower iBook for the iPad. This is the perfect first step for Beginners and Travelers that want to learn and speak a boatload of German quickly without focusing on grammar.

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Learn German PhrasePower

Need to introduce yourself? Make some small talk in German? Or just ask someone to take your photo? This $9.99 iBook is absolutely JAM PACKED with all the phrases you’ll need for social situations, basic conversations, getting around Germany, shopping, and much more.

Load up this iBook on your iPad and swipe through 4-Beginner Level Chapters. Not only you learn the essential phrases, words, and questions, you learn how to use them in conversation too. German phrases come with audio samples, matching illustrations, and easy to follow sentence patterns.

Here’s What’s Inside Learn German PhrasePower iBook:
- 4 Beginner-level chapters (Essentials, Asking Questions, First Encounters, Social Situations)
- In-depth vocabulary Reference section
- 700+ essential German words and phrases
- Native audio samples for every word and phrase
- Easy to follow conversation layout
- Clear English and German transcription for learners of all levels

Here are some screenshots! (click here to see more on iTunes)

Learn German PhrasePower!

Learn German PhrasePower!

Learn German PhrasePower!

Learn German PhrasePower!

So, whether you’re a German beginner or a traveler and need to learn German quickly, without the headaches of grammar, you get the essential phrases with PhrasePower. Master 700+ essential German phrases with the NEW Learn German: PhrasePower iBook.

iBooks Hint: Be sure to sample this iBook for free on iTunes by clicking “Get Sample.”

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To your German fluency,
Team GermanPod101

Take The GermanPod101 Challenge!

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Welcome Back Listener!

It’s been a while! Last time we saw you, it was still 2013… Christmas trees were up, and you were still making your 2014 resolutions.

Now that the new year has begun, the #1 question everyone’s asking is…

“How do I fulfill my resolution and make serious German progress?”

One: Stop thinking and start doing. Take on the challenge and jump in. Your progress starts NOW.

Two: Create a measurable and attainable German goal. (Master 100 new words in 2 weeks, listen to 5 German lessons a week, hold a German conversation for 5 minutes, etc.)

Three: Challenge yourself more each month. (Go for 10 minute conversations, move on to 200 words, etc.)

It’s as easy as that!

So in 2014, take the GermanPod101 12-Month Challenge!

Your progress starts now! Jump in and get 1 whole year of Premium access for only $99 (that’s just $8.25/a month and 45% OFF the regular price) until January 17th, 2014!

Got your German goal ready? Good! With a 1-Year Premium Subscription, you’ll dive right into fun and effective German conversation lessons while our Dashboard tracks and measures your progress throughout the year. Seeing how far you’ve progressed will keep you motivated to keep on learning!

Reached your first goal? Congratulations! Now, challenge yourself even further! Move on to more advanced lessons and bigger word lists! With Premium, you get all lessons from Beginner level to Advanced and Premium tools including the 2000 core words list! Our giant library of lessons will keep you busy from January 1st to December 31st.

Need More Motivation? Get insider tips and tricks on how to master your German resolution this year. The Inner Circle Newsletter is an exclusive bonus gift when you use coupon code CHALLENGE to save 45% on 12-Month Premium!

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What’s A Premium Subscription?
It’s the most popular plan among our users. Why? All the German lessons we’ve ever made (and will make), and all the handy lesson notes and Premium study tools are yours. Plus, you get to track your progress every step of the way.

Here’s how it works!
You learn real-life German directly from native speakers in every lesson. Our lesson hosts explain and simplify the language for you: conversation, grammar, vocabulary, culture – you learn it all and are ready to speak ASAP.

You also get printable lesson notes to help review and master everything presented in the lesson. And with exclusive Premium tools, you get German word lists, pronunciation practice and the study tools to master ‘em all fast.

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Oh, and that’s not all!

Here’s what you get in more detail:

  • Full Lesson Access. All audio, video lessons PLUS new lessons
  • Lesson Notes for Every Lesson. Understand everything in each lesson with in-depth notes. Read along as you listen or review after you’re done
  • Practice and Review Quizzes. Review what you’ve learned after every lesson
  • Measure Your Progress. See how far you’ve come with the GermanPod101 Dashboard. It tracks your progress with every lesson you complete
  • Learning Guidance. Set your level, start with a recommended lesson and know which lesson to study next with the Dashboard
  • 2000 German Words List. Must-know words for conversational fluency. You get thousands of sample sentences and audio pronunciation
  • Smart Flashcards. Create your own word decks, master words fast, and track your progress with spaced repetition flashcards
  • Personal Word Bank. Your German vocabulary collection. Came across a new word? Store it here for later review and export to flashcards to study
  • Line-By-Line Pronunciation. Perfect your accent by hearing lines again
  • 1-Click Downloads. Download entire series with the Premium iTunes Feed
  • GermanPod101 Mobile. Take all lessons and lesson notes on the go with your mobile device or smartphone
  • …and more!

Ready to crush your 2014 Resolution? Take the GermanPod101 Challenge and get one whole year of non-stop German lessons, lesson notes and more! Hurry, the GermanPod101 challenge ends January 17th, 2014!

1-Year Premium is just $8.25 a month. Click Here To Start Learning German!

To your fluency,
Team GermanPod101

Get A Sneak Peek At The New GermanPod101 Lesson Layouts Coming June 12th!

Hello Listener,

When you’re out to learn German… you want to get straight the point.
You want to jump directly into the lesson from day one.

Why wait? Now, you don’t have to.

These past few months, we’ve been busy redesigning the website and new lesson pages are coming June 12th! And you get straight to the point - you want to learn German with the effective GermanPod101 lessons you’ve come to love. With the new design, you jump right into our fun and effective audio and video lesson library and tools.

So, want a quick preview of the new designs? Of course you do! Here’s what’s coming soon!

On June 12th, you’ll be switching from this…
(Sample screenshot taken from

…to the new layout. Since our fun, fast, and easy German lessons take up most of the site (you do get over 700+ Audio and Video lessons) this is our BIGGEST upgrade thus far.

Here’s What’s New!

(Sample screenshot taken from

Your German Audio and Video Lessons now take center stage!
The Audio or Video Lesson is the first thing you’ll see when you open a lesson. Want to download the audio and lesson notes? All convenient quick-links are just below the player.

Take Control Of The Lessons Too! Want to skip the lesson jingle or slow down the German conversation? We’ve upgraded the players to help you do just that!

And Access Them On Any Device. Pick a device, any device. The new lesson layout loads beautifully on all screens, so you’ll love learning whether it be at home or on the go!

But that’s not even the half of it! We’ll be unveiling the new lesson page design on GermanPod101 on June 12th, 2013.

Until then you’ll just have to wait and see!

To Your Fluency,
Team GermanPod101

Power Up Your German With Premium

Hello Listener,

You know your German is running low when you…

  • have to stop and think before you speak
  • don’t have the words to say what you want to
  • lose track of a conversation in minutes

So how do you power your German up? Textbooks won’t do it. Software can’t help.

Only real life German conversation lessons will.
Native speakers that translate, explain and teach you how to respond will.

At GermanPod101, you jump directly into the conversation and
master it from Beginner to Advanced.

So, Power Up Your German with GermanPod101! Get 31% OFF Premium until April 26th, 2013. Power up with this discount and learn the only German that matters - real life German. At 31% OFF, 24-month Premium is $6.90/a month.

And Start German Speaking In Minutes. Why wait? You get the conversation first. We translate and explain it all – grammar, vocabulary, culture – and you’re ready to speak. That’s every lesson from Beginner to Advanced.

Then Master Each Lesson with Premium Study Tools. From vocabulary necessary for fluency to perfect pronunciation the word lists, smart flashcards, line by line pronunciation, word bank, etc.

Here’s What You’re Getting With Your Subscription:

  • German Lesson Library: Unlock 700+ Audio and Video lessons so you can always find a lesson on exactly what you need to know.
  • In-Depth PDF Lesson Notes: Complete translations, word lists, grammar tutorials, and culture explanations for each and every lesson.
  • Lessons on Any Mobile Screen: GermanPod101 Mobile gives you on-the-go access to all lessons and lesson notes.
  • Personalized Learning: Don’t feel overwhelmed. The lessons are exactly at your level, because you get to choose what to study.
  • Progress Tracking: Track your success and instantly know your next step so you see the great progress you’re making.
  • Weekly New Lessons: Non-stop, so your German only gets better and better!
  • Spaced Repetition Flashcards: Create your word decks, so you master the words you need to learn to fit in right now.
  • Your Personal Word Bank: Collect the words that confuse you and come back later to master them.
  • 2000 Must-Know German Words List: We give you the “must-know” German vocabulary to get you up and speaking quickly and easily.
  • German Pronunciation: Listen to each line as often as needed to get the right accent. You’ll be so good people will ask, “Are you a native speaker?”
  • Exclusive Premium iTunes Feed: Download lessons with the iTunes Feed so you have them any time, any place.
  • …and more!

Click Here To Power Your German Up! Save 31%

Power Up Your German At 31% OFF and learn the only German that matters - real life German. Our lesson hosts guide you every step of the way. The Premium Tools speed up your learning. And the 31% discount saves you up to $74.40 on the most effective German course.

Hurry! This deal expires April 26th, 2013!

Click Here To Power Your German Up! Save 31%

Announcing the Lighter, Faster and More Mobile-Friendly Lesson Notes!

Why do German learners keep coming back to

For our fast, fresh and fun audio and video lessons, of course!

But did you know that an important part of our lessons is the PDF lesson notes? These printable lesson notes are a crucial part of our online learning system. For visual learners, they’re a must! So that’s why we embarked on a long journey to improve the PDF Lesson Notes so that you, our valued listeners, will have the very best German learning experience at GermanPod101.

So what’s new? Glad you asked!

Here’s what you’ll find with the updated PDF Lesson Notes:

  • Completely Mobile Friendly – View with no problems, both iOS and Android
  • RIP Lesson Notes Lite – PDFs now display reliably across different viewers, so there’s no need for Lesson Notes Lite
  • Download Them Faster – PDFs are now around one quarter the file size
  • Full German Character Support – Problems with incorrectly displayed German characters have been fixed
  • Read with Ease – Clean new look, designed to be easy on the eyes
  • Better Organization – New radio-style dialogue layout, line numbers for quick reference, clear vocabulary and sample sentence tables, and full season and lesson number and lesson name on every page

Put simply, the new PDFs are FASTER, LIGHTER and just plain BETTER!

Ready to check out the new PDFs? All Basic and Premium members have full access to every one of our lessons and their PDF lesson notes. Sign into your account and click on any lesson to see the new Lesson Notes.

Looking to upgrade and gain instant access to our entire lesson library and lesson notes? Use coupon code PDF15OFF to save 15% on any Basic or Premium subscription!

Click here to upgrade and save 15% with coupon code PDF15OFF

Be Our German Valentine & Learn German!

Hello Listener,

You and I, we make a pretty good team.

You love the German language. We love helping you conquer it.
You love the lessons with real-life German conversations. We have a blast making them.
You love seeing your German skills grow. And we do too.

So this Valentine’s Day, we must pop the question.

Will you be our German Valentine?

Say Yes by February 15th, 2013 and Get 30% OFF all Premium Subscriptions

Take our hand and we’ll walk you through the German language! With a Premium Subscription, you unlock the best of what GermanPod101 has to offer – Complete Lesson Archive Access, In-Depth Lesson Notes and Premium Study Tools. Hurry! This offer is for 3 days only!

Say Yes & Start Right Now!

German Lessons Made Just For You. You want to speak German from the start. Our German lesson hosts give you real-life conversation and break it all down – phrases, vocabulary, grammar, and culture. Just set your learning level and start with a lesson right for you. From Beginner to Advanced, the German you’ll hear is the German you’ll speak.

You Won’t Miss A Word. We wanted to make sure you learned it all; every German lesson, every conversation, every grammar point. Each lesson comes with in-depth PDF lesson notes you can read as you listen or review later.

You’ll Love Seeing Your German Progress. Your German only gets better with time. We track your progress so you know where to go next with the GermanPod101 Dashboard.

And Spend Less Time Studying, More Time Speaking German. We understand all relationships take a bit of work. But with Premium Study Tools, you cut your learning time in half and study smart with spaced repetition flashcards, core word lists, line-by-line scripts and more!

Click Here – Ends This Friday! Save 30% on Premium Membership!

Your Premium Membership Gives You:

  • German Lesson Library: all Audio and Video lessons we’ve ever made and will make.
  • Dashboard: track your progress, customize your lessons and know where to go next!
  • Lesson Notes For Every Lesson: Lesson notes include translations, grammar and vocabulary.
  • Smart Flashcards: Learn German words fast! Create your own word decks, master the hard words and skip the easy ones with Spaced Repetition Flashcards!
  • Your Personal Word Bank: came across a word you don’t know? Save it for later review. The Word Bank is your personal collection of words.
  • 2000 Common German Words List: must-know German vocabulary to get you conversationally fluent.
  • Master German Pronunciation. Perfect your accent by hearing lines again and again, with Line-by-Line scripts with every lesson!
  • Exclusive Premium iTunes Feed: Download lessons directly with the iTunes Feed.
  • Lessons On Any Mobile Screen: GermanPod101 Mobile gives you instant access to all lessons and lesson notes on any mobile device.
  • …and more!

Will you be our German Valentine? You love the German language. We love helping you conquer it. We’re a perfect match but time is short, so make your move! Save 30% on all Premium Subscriptions by February 15th, 2013! With a 24-month Premium, you can pay as low as $7/month.

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