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Lesson Transcript

Hello, my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words and today’s topic is being sick.
The first word is [Allergie] - “allergy”. [Im Frühjahr haben viele Menschen in Deutschland eine Allergie gegen Pollen.] - “In Germany in the spring time, a lot of people have allergies against pollen”.
[Asthma], I guess it’s the same English word “asthma”. Well in Germany, you pronounce everything. So it’s [Asthma] - asthma, it just sounds very soft. [Für die Leute die Asthma haben, ist es sehr schwer lange Joggen zu gehen.] - “So for the people who have asthma, it’s hard to jog for long time”.
[Bauchschmerzen] - “Stomachache”. [Wenn ich Bauchschmerzen habe, bin ich sehr schlecht drauf.] - “So when I have a stomachache, I am in a very bad mood”.
[Fieber] - “fever”. Yeah [Wenn man Fieber hat, sollte man direkt zum Arzt gehen.] - “when you have fever, you should go to the doctor right away”.
[Kopfschmerzen] - “headache”. I don’t know why but when the weather gets crazy and cloudy, I always get headaches [Wenn es regnet oder wenn es wolkig ist, kriege ich schnell Kopfschmerzen. ]. - “When it’s rainy and cloudy, I get headaches easily”. Thank you for watching and I hope you don’t get sick or anything. Be careful and hope you tune in again, bye.