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Lesson Transcript

Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and I hope you have fun. Let’s start. Today’s topic is medicine.
So [Antibiotikum] - “antibiotic”. [Wenn ich für eine längere Zeit krank bin, dann nehme ich Antibiotikum.] - “When I am feeling sick for a longer time, I take antibiotics”.
So the next word is [Erkältungsmedizin] - “cold medicine” and I actually always tend to have a cold in the summer. So whenever I am very excited for summer to go out and do stuff outside, I am like okay, now I have this cold. In Germany, we actually have those cold medicines for kids and I love them. [Wenn ich eine Erkältung habe, trinke ich Erkältungsmedizin.] - “When I have cold, I drink cold medicine”.
[Hustensaft] - “cough syrup”. [Husten] means “cough” and [saft] actually means a juice or in this case syrup. Even here, I have to admit I drink the children’s cough syrup because it just tastes like cherries and strawberries. [Als ich klein war, habe ich gerne Hustensaft getrunken. ] - “And when I was a child, I used to like cough syrup” because it tasted really good.
[Impfstoff] - “vaccine”. It’s more like when you go to Thailand or to a foreign country, it’s very important to get your vaccine. [Als ich im Urlaub war und vor dem Urlaub musste ich zum Arzt und einen Impfstoff verabreicht bekommen.] - “Before I went on vacation, I went to the doctor and had to get a vaccine”
[Medikament] - “medicine”. [Immer wenn ich im Urlaub bin habe ich kleine Päckchen Medikamente dabei.] - “whenever I am traveling, I always have this medicine kit with me” if there is something or if I have a cold or I just feel sick. Yes, so I hope you don’t have to take anything and don’t have to take any medicine and thank you for listening and I hope you tune in again to German weekly words. Thank you, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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thank you for the lesson

my favorite quote is [Immer wenn ich im Urlaub bin habe ich kleine Päckchen Medikamente dabei.


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Hi Robert,

I agree 100%.👍

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😎😄 She is cute and amusing with her little commentaries.


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@kishor: die Erkältungsmedizin & der Hustensaft? Und warum sind das deine Lieblingswörter?

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and Der Hustensaft

I like these words

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Nice lesson, as always...

Unfortunately, the pdf has some editing errors: the gender is missing for some of the words, some German nouns are written with lower initial, the word "coupon" is listed instead of "Impfstoff"...