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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everybody!
Do you know what monsters German people are scared of? In this lesson, you'll learn about three scary monsters in Germany.
Let’s start with the most popular monster.
Weiße Frau
[slowly] Weiße Frau
It means white woman in German.
Weisse Frauen are elf-like spirits that live in forests.
These spirits are not all evil; they sometimes help lost travelers find their way. However, they haunt castles with treasures and can appear very scary.
That sounds pretty interesting, right?
You might have heard about the next monster. The next one is...
[slowly] Krampus
It can be translated as claw in English.
Krampus is a scary horned and fanged devil.
He's also known as the Christmas Devil. The horrific Krampus is a half-man, half-goat demon. His job is to scare disobedient children during Christmas and take them to his lair for punishment.
Okay. Here's the last monster.
[slowly] Nachtalb
Have you heard of this next one? This means Alp.
The Nachtalb is a shape-shifting, elf-like male demon or vampire. This vampire-demon slips in through keyholes of rooms to give people nightmares. Often, they compress the dreamer's chest so the person cannot move or make a sound.
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what we've learned. Listen to the names of each monster and repeat after me.
white woman
Weiße Frau
* beep
Weiße Frau
* beep
* beep
Well done! [pause]
Did you know there is a similar holiday to Halloween in Germany?
German people celebrate a Halloween equivalent called the Perchten pagan festival in Bavaria. Participants dress as scary monsters in order to drive away evil spirits.
You just learned about three scary monsters in Germany and a cultural fact about Halloween in Germany.
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I'll see you next time. Bis bald.


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