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Hi, everybody!
Do you know how to say “Bye” in German? In this lesson, you'll learn three parting expressions in German.
Let’s start with the easiest one.
[slowly] Tschüss.
This means "Bye" in German.
This is the most commonly used phrase to say "bye" in German.
If you say "bye" at night, there is a different phrase you should use.
Gute Nacht.
[slowly] Gute Nacht.
This means "Good night" in German.
At night, when parting or saying goodbye, you would use the phrase gute nacht. Gute means "good," and Nacht means "night."
If you know that you are going to see the person again, here's a phrase for you.
Auf Wiedersehen.
[slowly] Auf Wiedersehen.
This means "See you later" in German.
The first word, auf, means "upon," and the next word, wiedershen, means "again see."
Let's wrap up this lesson by recapping what you've learned. Listen to the words and repeat after me.
* beep
"Good night."
Gute Nacht.
* beep
Gute Nacht.
"See you later."
Auf Wiedersehen.
* beep
Auf Wiedersehen.
Well done! [pause] Here's a fun fact!
When having a conversation over the phone in German, it is considered rude not to introduce yourself. The rules for phone etiquette are as follows. First, you should use the appropriate greeting for the time of day, for example guten morgen, guten tag, or guten abend. Second, you should tell them your company name, and third, your full name. And lastly, you should end the call with auf Auf Wiederhören, meaning "see you later."
You just learned how to say “Bye” in three different ways in German.
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See you soon! Auf Wiedersehen.

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Don't forget you can learn German twice as fast with your Free PDF lessons, just click here to download them!