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Lesson Transcript

Hello! My name is Alisa. Welcome to the last week of German Weekly Words. It was an honor. So the last topic is oh...family! So the first word is…
1. Schwester “sister”
It is obviously feminine so it is die Schwester “sister”.
Ich habe leider keine Schwester. “I don’t have a sister unfortunately.”
2. Bruder “brother”
This is masculine obviously so it is der Bruder.
Ich habe einen Bruder. “I have one brother.”
He’s the one who’s getting married. Oh yeah, we fought so bad when we were little.
3. Ehefrau “wife”
It is die Ehefrau. It’s actually made of two words so Ehe means “marriage” and Frau means “woman”.
Ich denke eine gute Ehefrau muss verschiedene Eigenschaften haben. “I think the wife should have different kind of characteristics.”
4. Mutter “mother”
Yes! I do love my mom. She's crazy like me and we have a lot of fun. I actually joke a lot with her and of course we fight. It's normal I think between daughter and mother, but I think every mother should be respected.
Ich hoffe auch eines Tages natürlich Mutter zu werden. “I of course hope to become a mother one day.”
I think I'll be really strict actually, yeah. I'm going to be a strict mom.
5. Vater “father”
Mein Vater ist deutsch und kommt aus Hamburg. “My father is German and is from Hamburg.”
I think my mom and dad are so different. My mom is very loud and just active and my father is more the shy one and just laid back. Yeah, when my mom says no, my father always says yes so that's good.
Thank you for watching and listening to my crazy sentences and just my crazy self. I hope you had fun and I really had fun. Tell me your experience with your family, if you have a crazy sister or a crazy brother and what kind of wife or husband you want to be one day and I hope to see you soon. Bye!