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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to German Weekly Words. My name is Alisa and today's topic is in an airplane. The first word is…
1. flugbegleiterin “flight attendant”
It is die flugbegleiterin “flight attendant”. There is the masculine version, it’s flugbegleiter so without the I-N, yeah.
Als ich ein Kind war, wollte ich unbedingt Flugbegleiterin werden. “When I was a child, I really wanted to become a flight attendant.”
I think every girl's dream is to become a flight attendant and fly all over the world, yeah.
The next word is…
2. flugzeug “airplane”
It is das flugzeug “airplane”.
Ich liebe es im Flugzeug zu fliegen. “I actually love to fly in an airplane.”
I love airports, I love airplanes. There's so many people from different countries coming together or just passing by and visiting and airplanes are also very fun. You can watch movies nowadays and play games and listen to music if you're on a long fight.
3. überkopfablage “overhead storage compartment”
It’s die ablage so it’s also die überkopfablage. I guess in German, it’s more common to just say ablage.
Meine Koffer kommen in die Überkopfablage. “My suitcases come in the overhead storage compartment.”
When I take my luggage with me like little suitcase, that’s the only thing that fits.
4. erste Klasse “first class”
It is die erste Klasse.
Ich durfte einmal erste Klasse fliegen. I got to fly first class only, it was really cool, only actually two times because economy class was already full and I was really late and I checked in late and so they're like I'm sorry but the economy class is full. I'm like, oh, no worries, like who says I'm sorry. Okay, thank you for first class.
5. spucktüte “sick bag”
It is die tüte so it’s die spucktüte. Spuck can also mean “spit”.
Gott sei Dank habe ich noch nie die Spucktüte benutzt. “Thank god, I have never used the sick bag before.”
Thank you for watching and leave in the comments what experience have you had on an airplane. See you soon. Bye!


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