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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to German Weekly Words, my name is Alisa, and today's topic is housework.
1. fegen to sweep
Ich fege sehr selten. I hardly sweep.
I don’t know. Nowadays I feel like there is vacuum cleaners. I guess outside more.
2. herausbringen to take out
In this case, the trash.
Als Kind habe ich mich immer mit meinem Bruder gestritten wer den Müll herausbringt. As a child I would fight with my brother to see who would take out the trash.
3. putzen to clean
Ich liebe es zu putzen. I actually love cleaning.
I just, I feel so good after, and I feel like I've done something. I really like to clean the house.
4. trocknen to dry
Es ist sehr üblich in Deutschland, dass man die Wäsche zum Trocknen raushängt anstatt einen Trockner zu benutzen. In Germany it is still very common to hang your clothes outside to dry instead of using the dryer. I really prefer that too, it just, it feels better and doing it's really sunny and hot outside, it dries quickly.
5. wischen to mop
We actually say Wischmop.
Ich wische alle zwei Tage den Boden. I mop my floor every two days.
I think it's fine if you have a dog, or people who don't know what i mean
but they loose so much hair, and it's very important to clean.
Thank you for watching and I hope to see you soon. What's your favorite task? Let me know in the comment.
My dog was very scared when I would vacuum, it was very funny, he sees it as a monster or something, that probably looks like one for them through their eyes, it looks like this thing with a nose.