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Lesson Transcript

Hi and my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. Let’s start. This week’s topic, in your wallet. There is not a lot in mine. Yes let’s start.
[Bargeld] - “cash”. Yes I don’t know but now-a-days, everybody pays with credit cards. In Germany, its’ very old fashion though and even me, I like to just spend what I have. [Ich musste heute Bargeld von meiner Bank abheben.] - “I had to take out cash from my bank.”
[Coupon] - “Coupon” I guess well it’s the same. I used to be really crazy about coupons. I used to always look online where can I get coupons and print them and then run to the store and weird coupon girl I guess. [Gute Coupons ausgedruckt.] - “I printed good deals of coupons.”
[Debitkarte] - “debit card”. In Germany, they also say more like [EC-Karte] in Germany, you just kind of pronounce the words longer. So that’s why debit card in English but [Debitkarte] it actually sounds cooler in English I think. [Ich habe meine Debitkarte verloren und musste zur Polizei gehen.] - “I lost my debit card and had to go to the police”.
[Führerschein] that’s another [ü] there. “Driver’s license”, in Germany it’s very hard to do your driver’s license. The Autobahn if you ever get to experience it, it’s very fun. There are certain Autobahns where you can just speed it up but not everywhere. I think people just think okay, in Germany you can just drive as fast as you can everywhere but that’s not quite true.
[Kreditkarte] it’s very similar to the English word credit card. Yes in [In Deutschland muss man 18 sein, um eine Kreditkarte zu bekommen. ] - “In Germany, you have to be 18 to get a credit card”. Thank you for listening and bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Hi Michael,

Thank you for your feedback.

You have a fine sense. Alisa is one of our most experienced

instructors but personally, I think all of our hosts are great. All of them

have a lot of experience, knowledge and personality. 😉

To find more of Alisa's lessons though, just go to search (magnifying glass) at the top

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Loved this lesson. If there are other lessons conducted by

this instructor...how might access them ???

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Hallo robert groulx,

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robert groulx
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thank you for the lesson

my favorite word is [Ich musste heute Bargeld von meiner Bank abheben.


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Hallo Shuroq,

Thanks for posting.

You can add the lesson vocabulary to your word bank where the noun gender is shown.

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Thanks for the lesson

It would be really helpful if you mention the definite articles with the words, to make them easier to memorize

übrigens war die Lektion gut ,,, did i say this correctly ?