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Lesson Transcript

Hello welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and this week’s topic is direction words.
[draußen] - “Outside”. [Im Sommer liebe ich es, draußen zu sein und das Wetter zu genießen.] - “in the summer time, I love to be outside and enjoy the weather”, very soothing for your soul and just walking...
[hinten] - “back”. [Hinten in unserem Haus haben wir einen schönen Garten.] - “At the back of our house, we have a garden”.
[links] - “left”. [Wenn du nach links gehst dann siehst du auf der linken Seite das Büro.] - “When you go to the left, you see on the left side the office”. You probably noticed I did use [links] but [linken] for the left side because side is feminine. So in this case, it would be [auf der linken Seite das Büro.]
[Süden] - “South”. [Im Süden Deutschlands liegt der Bundesstaat Bayern.] - “In the South of Germany is the state Bavaria”. I actually love Bavaria and especially Munich.
[Norden] “north”. [Im Norden Deutschlands liegt eine meiner Lieblingsstädte, Hamburg.] - “North of Germany is one of my favorite cities Hamburg” and north of Germany is actually where my family is actually from and Hamburg is one of my favorite cities. It’s very different than Munich. So if you get the chance, the people are different, the food and it is actually by the ocean so it just has a different feel to it and if you get a chance to visit Hamburg, it’s definitely worth it. Thank you for watching German weekly words. This week’s topic was direction words, okay. This week’s topic is direction words and maybe you’ve been to Germany already and if you have a favorite city in the north or south part of Germany, leave it in the comments and I hope to see you soon bye.