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Lesson Transcript

Hi guys, I am Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. Today’s topic is computer words.
So let’s start [Drucker] - “printer”. [Der Drucker macht heute nicht unbedingt was ich möchte.] - “the printer is not doing what it’s supposed to do”. So that happens to me actually a lot.
[Kopfhörer] - “headphones”. [Ich habe heute neue Kopfhörer gekauft.] - “I bought a new headphones today”
[Mikrofon] - “microphone”. [Als ich gestern in einer Karaokebar war, ist das Mikrofon ausgegangen zum Glück anderer.] - “Yesterday when I was at a karaoke bar, the microphone went silent. So that was actually good for the listeners”.
[Monitor] - “monitor”. Especially the region where I come from, it’s Cologne and Bonn, we do speak a little different. We kind of pronounce everything very long. So [Monitor] it is the German pronunciation but I guess it’s called [Kölsch] and I do kind of talk a little bit like that [Der Monitor zeigt die Farben in sehr guter qualität. ] - “The monitor shows the colors in a very good and high quality”.
[Tischcompute] - “desktop computer”. [Tisch] also means “table”. [Ich habe meinen Tischcomputer in einer anderen Farbe angemalt.] - “I painted my desktop computer in a different color”. I actually did that to be honest. So that was it from the computer world, thank you.