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Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners

12 Entries • 7 Comments
German: Die Top 10 Satzstrukturen für Anfänger
English: Top 10 Sentence Patterns for Beginners
In this lesson, you will learn the Top 10 German Sentence Patterns for Beginners. Even though you may already know some German vocabulary, perhaps you’re finding it difficult to string together coherent sentences. This lesson will break down the key components of 10 basic German sentence patterns, while also giving you an example of each one. Take your German to the next level by formulating clear, well-organized German sentences!

P.S. Be sure to click on the links below to take relevant lessons to learn even more about each sentence pattern!
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Wie spät ist es? Es ist [A(number)] Uhr.
- English: What time is it? It is [A(number)] o'clock.

■ Example

- Entry: Wie spät ist es? Es ist 20 Uhr.
- English: What time is it? It is 8pm.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A((pro)noun)] ist [B(noun)].
- English: [A((pro)noun)] ist [B(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Ich bin Joe.
- English: I am Joe.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Ich [A(verb)].
- English: I [A(verb)].

■ Example

- Entry: Ich arbeite.
- English: I am working.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Heute [A(verb)] [B(adjective)].
- English: Today [A(verb)] [B(adjective)].

■ Example

- Entry: Heute ist es warm.
- English: Today it is warm.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Er [A(verb)] [B(noun)].
- English: He [A(verb)] [B(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Er spricht Deutsch.
- English: He speaks German.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Es gibt [A(noun)].
- English: There is [A(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Es gibt kein Internet.
- English: There is no Internet.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Ich [A(verb)], dass es [B(verb)].
- English: I [A(verb)] that it [B(verb)].

■ Example

- Entry: Ich hoffe, dass es klappt.
- English: I hope that it will work out.
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A(verb)] [B(pronoun)] [C(noun)].
- English: [A(verb)] [B(pronoun)] [C(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Gibst du mir deine Telefonnummer?
- English: Will you give me your phone number?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: [A(verb)] [B(noun)] [C(verb)].
- English: [A(verb)] [B(verb)] [C(noun)].

■ Example

- Entry: Werden Sie Berlin besuchen?
- English: Will you visit Berlin?
■ Target Pattern

- Entry: Komm schon, [A(verb)]!
- English: Come on, [A(verb)]!

■ Example

- Entry: Komm schon, fahr!
- English: Come on, drive!
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avatar Tuesday at 10:19 am

Can you make sample sentences using these patterns?

avatar Wednesday at 11:56 am

Hello Bharat Babu Joshi,

Thank you for posting.
Please check the following lesson:
Also, if you’re interested in learning more about grammar, please put the keyword ‘grammar’ in our search bar and you’ll easily find related lessons.


avatar Bharat Babu Joshi Sunday at 10:51 pm

I like the structure form “Ich.. ..dass es.. …
I expect more grammar structure form.

avatar Saturday at 9:59 am

Hi Gloria,

You are always welcome!
Please let me know if you have any question.


avatar Gloria Friday at 6:44 am

Hi Jennifer,
Thank you so very much.

avatar Team Tuesday at 11:16 am

Hi Gloria,

Thanks so much for the comment.
All sentences look very good!!
Well done! Keep up the good work!:thumbsup:😄


avatar Gloria Sunday at 7:02 am

Es ist halb drei. (It is half past two.)
Ich bin Gloria. Meine Schwester ist Sharon. (I am Gloria. My sister is Sharon.)
Ich lerne Deutsch. (I am learning German.)
Heute ist es windig. (Today it is windy.)
Er arbeitet. (He is working.)
Es gibt keine Bücher im Büro. (There aren’t any books in the office.)
Ich gebe dir meine Telefonnummer. (I am giving you my telephone number.)
Ich werde Berlin besuchen. Meine Schwester kann mit mir kommen. (I will visit Berlin. My sister can come with me.)
Ich hoffe, das ist gut. (I hope that is good.)