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Create, Study & Share Your German Lists With Others!

The Custom Lists Mobile Web App (Beta Version) is your own collection of vocab lists to study and master. You get to create your own word lists for future review. Or if you want some ready-made lists, simply browse and grab lists created by other users, or default lists provided by GermanPod101.

Accessible on any browser on any device. PC, Mac, Android, iPhone, or Tablet.

And it’s a non-stop source for new German words. Other German learners are creating their lists and adding words, which you can take advantage of through the Discovery or Word Feed sections.

With Custom Lists you can…

  • Create new lists and add your own German vocabulary
  • Add pictures to your entries with a camera functionality
  • Listen to the audio pronunciation that comes with many words (and we’re adding more all the time!)
  • Browse, steal or just get “inspired” by other users’ custom lists using Discovery
  • See the most recently added words by other users in Word Feed
  • Access ready-made default lists provided by GermanPod101
  • Learn on the go and access the mobile web app on any device and browser
  • Track your progress and the number of words you’ve added
  • Multilingual & available for all 31 Innovative Language Sites!

Use your GermanPod101 login details to sign in.

Custom Lists is open to all GermanPod101 Premium and Premium PLUS users!

Simply visit on your computer or mobile device. If you’re an iPhone or iPad user, make sure to save it to your home screen.

Let us know of suggestions and recommendations, as well as bugs and glitches. Shoot us an email at