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Lesson Transcript

Chuck: Chuck here. Upper intermediate series 1, lesson 7. Nothing is Ever Eerie in German Movies! Hello and welcome back to germanpod101.com, the fastest, easiest and most fun way to learn German. I am joined in the studio by
Judith: Hello everyone, Judith here.
Chuck: In this lesson, you will learn how to talk to the video rental clerk.
Judith: This conversation takes place at a German video rental store in Berlin.
Chuck: The conversation is between Frank Jones, Manuela and the clerk.
Judith: The speakers are in a business relationship. Therefore they will be speaking formal German.
Chuck: Let’s listen to the conversation.
Judith: Okay let’s talk about German movies.
Jones: Hmm, irgendwie unheimlich…hier ist ja niemand mehr!
Manuela: Quatsch. Hier muss jemand sein! Die Videothek ist ja noch offen…
Video-Typ: Hey, kann ich Ihnen helfen?
Manuela: Ah, siehst du Frank. Da ist jemand. ….Ja, hallo. Also, ich war vorhin hier und wollte die DVD „Eine Nacht bei McCool's“ ausleihen.
Video: Ja, ich erinnere mich. Gibt es ein Problem mit der DVD?
Jones: Äh ja, es ist die falsche DVD…
Video: Oh, wirklich? Ich schaue mal nach…Ja, da habe ich wohl den falschen Film eingepackt… Moment, ich hole die richtige DVD…
Manuela: Super.
Jones: Manuela, meinst du, wir müssen für die neue DVD noch etwas zahlen? Ich habe nämlich kein Geld dabei….
Manuela: Nein, wir müssen sicher nichts mehr zahlen.
Video: So, da bin ich wieder… Es gibt aber ein Problem….ich kann den Film leider nirgendwo finden… Wollt ihr euch vielleicht einen anderen Film aussuchen?
Manuela: Hmm, okay. Frank, wie wäre es mit Keinohrhasen oder Zweiohrküken?
Jones: Hmm, nein. Ich mag eigentlich keinen von beiden. Wie wäre es mit „Hangover“? Der ist sehr lustig!
Manuela: Okay!
Video: Gut…Hier bitte. Und natürlich ist der Film kostenlos!
Manuela: Danke!
Jones: Bis bald!
Jones: Hmm, this is eerie somehow…nobody is here anymore!
Manuela: Nonsense. Someone must be here! The video store is indeed still open…
Video Guy: Hey, can I help you?
Manuela: Ah, see Frank. There is someone. ….Yes, hi. So, I was here earlier and wanted to rent the DVD „One Night at McCool's“.
Video: Yes, I remember. Is there a problem with the DVD?
Jones: Uh yes, it's the wrong DVD...
Video: Oh, really? I'll take a look… Yes, I seem to have packed in the wrong film... one moment, I'll pick up the right DVD...
Manuela: Great.
Jones: Manuela, do you think, we'll still have to pay something for the new DVD? That is to say, I don't have any money on me...
Manuela: No, we'll surely not have to pay anymore.
Video: So, I"m back... there's however a problem... I can't find the movie anywhere... Would you maybe like to select another movie?
Manuela: Hmm, ok. Frank, what would you think about Rabbit Without Ears or Chicken With Two Ears?
Jones: Hmm, no. I'd like neither of both of those. What about "Hangover"? That's really funny!
Manuela: Okay!
Video: Good…Here. And, of course the movie is free!
Manuela: Thanks!
Jones: See you soon!
Chuck: Boohoo!
Judith: It’s about time.
Chuck: Oh yeah.
Judith: Chuck and I have made a short list of German movies that you need to watch.
Chuck: So I would say you should watch [Lola rennt] also known as Run Lola Run in English, Good Bye Lenin! And Viktor Vogel – Commercial Man.
Judith: Yes I mean we are talking about entertaining movies now. Good Bye Lenin! is really, really funny. I really enjoyed that and also you may want to have a look at [Der Schuh des Manitu].
Chuck: I am not sure if you want to recommend that because it’s like well, they use lot of dialect in the movie.
Judith: Yeah. The movie is set in the United States with lots of Native Americans you know and also kind of like Western and so they speak German dialect for comedic effect.
Chuck: The speakers have a varying accent, don’t they?
Judith: Yes Southern dialect. So be sure to keep the subtitles on but it is hilarious and it’s one of the toppest grossing German movies.
Chuck: This is germanpod101. So we have to be serious too right.
Judith: Yes.
Chuck: Okay. So some serious movies.
Judith: Let’s talk serious movies, yes.
Chuck: All right.
Judith: One serious movie that you should probably see at some point is [Der Untergang]. The English title is Downfall. This is about the last few days of Hitler and it’s kind of depressing but it is very informative.
Chuck: If you are online a lot, you might recognize it is from the parodies.
Judith: Yes. They seem to have a lot about that.
Chuck: They are very popular like that. Another movie is [Das Experiment]. The Experiment. It’s about taking people for psychologist tests and taking some to be jail guards and others to be – to prisoners.
Judith: Yeah, they randomly assigned to one of the two groups and then lock in a real prison and see – the study is trying to find out what happens with people if they randomly assign power like that. It’s also a chilling movie.
Chuck: Yeah, I don’t recommend watching it right before going to bed but anyway, there is more movie recommendations on the forum. Just go to germanpod101.com and chime in.
Judith: Tell us about your favorite German movies and hear what others have to say.
Chuck: Let’s take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson. The first word is
Judith: [unheimlich].
Chuck: Eerie or weird.
Judith: [unheimlich].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [niemand].
Chuck: Nobody.
Judith: [niemand].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [Quatsch].
Chuck: Nonsense.
Judith: [Quatsch].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [jemand].
Chuck: Somebody
Judith: [jemand].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [nachschauen].
Chuck: To checkout.
Judith: [nachschauen].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [nähmlich].
Chuck: Namely or that is to say.
Judith: [nämlich].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [irgendwo].
Chuck: Somewhere.
Judith: [irgendwo].
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [aussuchen].
Chuck: To select.
Judith: [aussuchen]. And the [aus] splits off.
Chuck: Next.
Judith: [lustig].
Chuck: Funny.
Judith: [lustig].
Chuck: Let’s have a closer look at the usage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson.
Judith: The first thing I want to talk about is [nachschauen] as opposed to [nachsehen] because the video rental employee could actually use either of these words in the context of looking for that video in the back. You could say [Ich muss mal nachschauen] or [Ich muss mal nachsehen]. There is a slight difference between the words which is that [schauen] takes more time than [sehen] but really in most situations, you can use either. And another thing is the use of the word [mehr] in phrases like [nichts mehr] or [kein mehr] is nothing anymore or [nichts mehr] not anymore. So [kein mehr] in the sense is anymore and there is a phrase [Wie wäre es mit]
Chuck: How about.
Judith: Like if you want to suggest a movie, you can say [Wie wäre es mit...Keinohrhasen] is a 2007 German movie with [Til Schweiger] and [Zweiohrküken] is the sequel.
Chuck: It’s quite funny I have to say.
Judith: Yeah.
Chuck: Like to come up with the German version of Sex and the City.
Judith: Yeah it’s a lot of free time talk.

Lesson focus

Chuck: It’s one way to put it. Last week, we covered all those words with [irgend]. Now let’s look at some words that fall into the same category.
Judith: Yeah. Firstly you saw [jemand] and [etwas] in this lesson. These are just shortened versions of [irgendjemand] and [irgendetwas]. Then we had [niemand] and [nichts].
Chuck: These are negative versions. The equivalent English words are created using the prefix [no]. Here is the complete list.
Judith: [niemand].
Chuck: Nobody.
Judith: [nichts].
Chuck: Nothing.
Judith: [nirgendwo].
Chuck: Nowhere.
Judith: [nirgendwohin].
Chuck: To nowhere.
Judith: [nie]
Chuck: Never.
Judith: And there is no equivalent for [irgendwie]. You can’t say [nirgendwie], you can’t say know how. You have to say [auf keine Weise]!


Chuck: In no way. That just about does it for today. Hey Judith, I’d like to share a study tip our listener shared with us.
Judith: Ah you are talking about the student who uses just the conversation tracks to review lessons.
Chuck: Judith, you read my mind again. Yeah, a listener of ours listens to each lesson several times.
Judith: And then afterwards, she gets the conversation only track from our site.
Chuck: Then she listens to them on shuffle again and again. She created her own immersion program using germanpod101.com
Judith: This is a great idea. Please give it a try and let us know what you think.
Chuck: All right. See you next week.
Judith: [Also bis nächste Woche].