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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Which new Innovative Language Learning site are you most excited for?

Can you guess what the other 3 non-European languages are launching in July?

Thursday at 09:32 AM
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Bitte schön :wink:

Abderrahman Basha
Wednesday at 05:48 PM
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Ich danke Ihnen Frau Amalie,Sie sind sehr freundlich

Tuesday at 09:28 AM
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Hello Abderrahman Basha,

Thank you very much for your wonderful comment!

We really appreciate your support and we are very glad to hear how much you enjoy our sites!

Your guesses a incredibly good, so we definitely hope our new sites will live up to your expectation!

Wishing you all the best of luck with your future language learning!

Thank you always!

Best regards,


Abderrahman Basha
Monday at 11:43 PM
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Our thoughts about ILL “Innovative Language Learning” were totally not wronge ,that they are generous every year to add more languages to their pack of wonderfull languages.

So thank you ILL.

I’m not European,but I believe that the new european languages which will be added to the bunch of the other languages,are very interesting to be learnt.

Anyway I love to learn every language on this planet,and I wish if I can but there is no enough time.

And finally I will try to guess what are the other new non-european three languages will be added :

I’m absolutely sure that the first two of them will be “Hebrew and Hindi”

and the last one which I’m not sure about,will be “Indonesian or Vietnamese”

I hope that my guesses are correct because I need very much at this time to learn Hebrew because I live here in Palestine with Israelies and I need to know how to speak with them.

Thank you Germanpod101,ILL and Peter Galante for your renewable gifts.