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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Diana Roberts
Saturday at 12:41 AM
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1. I'm new to GP101, but as near as I can see, there is no audio track here (I see them on other news lessons, so I'm assuming this one is simply missing). I did follow the blog link below to get the info - thanks for that!

2. My WORD BANK question/suggestion: is there a way to add words to the word bank directly, on the word bank page itself? As I'm researching various Internet and other sources, gathering words that will useful to my upcoming travels and specific to my fields of interest, I'm finding words outside GermanPod lessons I'd like to add. I can look them up in the GP101 dictionary and add, but it seems like there could be an entry field on the word bank page itself that would populate the definition, related lessons, etc? NOTE: I love the Word Bank.