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Wednesday at 01:48 AM
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That's a very good suggestion, thank you!

Friday at 07:21 AM
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Here's my suggestion:

Inorder to learn german faster I downloaded a browser(I use firefox) in German. Since I've been using the browser in another language (English) for years, I know exactly what function or purpose every button, alert and promps serve. It was actually more fun to learn some words this way however If you made a lesson like this it would be better because hearing the words is also important. So my advice is to actually go through computer commands... like what windows or other programs or websites would be in german... you know all these buttons that we allways click(i.e next, back, forward, refresh, options, preferences, zoom, page layout, etc etc etc theres so much of it. I will be glad to see some lessons on this!

thanks, Tor