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Becky: What are the best ways to remember vocabulary so you can speak and understand more?
Becky: Welcome to an Innovative Language Learning Sunday News! I'm Becky and I'll be hosting today's Sunday news with my co-host, the founder of Innovative Language... Peter Galante!
Peter: Hi everyone! Peter here.
Becky: In this Sunday News, we’re talking about the top 4 tried and tested tricks for remembering vocabulary.
Peter: Listeners, 90% of language learners are not using these 4 tricks to remember words.
Becky: So Peter, what are these tricks?
Peter: We’ll reveal them in a second, but first, we have a new feature we’d like to mention.
Becky: It’s called Season Vocabulary, and it’s a list...
Peter: ...of all the words taught in a lesson season, for example, in Absolute Beginner Season 1 or Season 2.
Becky: With this list, you can instantly review the words in any season.
Peter: You get the meaning, the sample sentences, you hear the proper pronunciations...
Becky: ...and you can even record yourself to compare with the proper pronunciation..
Peter: On top of that, you can save the words to your personal word list in Word Bank
Becky: Or... just study them with our smart flashcards, until you know them all.
Peter: Listeners, you can find the Season Vocabulary Lists by clicking on “Browse Lessons”...
Becky: ...and there you’ll see “Season Vocabulary” for the seasons available.
Peter: So now, let’s talk about the top 4 tricks for remembering vocabulary...
Becky: Listeners, 90% of language learners are skipping these tips. But they’re tried...
Peter: ...And they’re tested – I’ve been using them in my own Italian studies.
Becky: The last tip even includes our newest feature!
Peter: Okay, what are the top 4 tricks for remembering words?
Becky: One: Put them to use, Two: Study with Flashcards, Three: Hear them in actual conversations, and Four: Review with our newest feature.
Peter: Now, don’t worry, we’re going to explain these one by one.
Becky: So, number one: Use the words.
Peter: After you learn a new word, using it right away is crucial to remembering it.
Becky: If you’re on the site and listening to a lesson... here’s what you do:
Peter: Leave a comment! Make up a sample sentence and post it in the comment section.
Becky: It’s the actual practice, not the learning of a word for the first time, that’ll get you to remember it.
Peter: Number two: Study with our FlashCards...
Becky: And we’re not talking about the kind you have to carry around and that end up scattered everywhere.
Peter: We’re talking about smart online flashcards that you can find in our Premium Study Tools...
Becky: Think of these as a teacher inside your computer, who will sort the words for you,...
Peter: ...quiz you on the ones you’re struggling with, and skip the words you know.
Becky: So because you get them so often, you have no choice to but to remember them.
Peter: Number three: Hear the words in real conversation.
Becky: In fact, you can do this with our lessons - just listen to the dialogue.
Peter: That way, you hear how they’re used...
Becky: ...and you can easily identify them in future conversations.
Peter: And number four: Review with our brand new feature: Season Vocabulary.
Becky: “Review” is the key word here.
Peter: Sometimes, all you need is a list of all the words in one spot to boost your memory..
Becky: And that’s exactly what Season Vocabulary is for.
Peter: That’s right. You get the vocab lists for every series for easy review.
Becky: Okay. Let’s recap the 4 tricks for remembering words...
Peter: One: Put them to use, Two: Study with Flashcards,
Becky: Three: Hear them in actual conversation, and Four: Review with Season Vocabulary.
Peter: And of course, if you want to upgrade to Premium to get our entire advanced language learning system...
Becky: ...And take advantage of our newest feature, Season Vocabulary Lists...
Peter: ...Here’s a quick discount. Get 20% OFF Premium by April 9th, 2014.
Becky: Use coupon code SEASON20.
Peter: Or, even easier, if you’re on the site, click on the link in the lesson description below the lesson player.
Becky: Okay, well that’s going to do it for this edition of Innovative Language Learning Sunday news!*
Peter: Bye everyone!*
Becky: Thanks for listening, and we’ll see you all next time.*


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What are your favorite ways to remember German words?

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Tuesday at 03:24 PM
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Hi Cynthia,

Thank you for posting!

Please have a look to this link:


If you have other questions, please let us know!

Thank you,


Team GermanPod101.com

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for sharing your learning tips! This technique is very useful.

And I got the word ;)



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ooh also forgot to put in expression remove the ex add a shhhh like you finger to your mouth in a library because some one is being to loud or you want them to be a little more quite and add it as an emphases or theme to it and you got speak in German

there I am done it's fun


Thursday at 09:33 AM
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imagine using them say them to your self a lot (your crazy if you don't talk to your self lol) and for pronunciation and memory like to think of what words put together sounds the way it is pronunciation in German.


hallo sounds like hallow like a hallow log or sie sounds like Z es sounds like S bitte sounds like bitter without the R

donka is already used by many people here as well as cool and many other words not known what it in common. again come in sounds like common in English so there is also cross reference

last say Sue as the name and Lenin or learning but without the hard R and ing sound exchanged with in

I am sure you will figure out what it pronounces In German

Wednesday at 04:08 AM
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Hi. Looks like you introduced this new feature, Season Vocabulary Lists, a couple weeks ago. I still cannot find this list anywhere on your site. I am a premium member. Please direct me to this list. Thank you! Cynthia