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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to Weekly Words Holiday! My name is Alisa, and today's topic is Christmas. So Christmas is a very special time of the year, I think for everybody, and my favorite time of the year in Germany is actually Christmas, because it already started in end of November and it becomes very good Christmasy and all the Christmas market, they're really beautiful. and if you want to visit Germany I think it's a very good time to visit, even though it's cold, but I think the Christmas markets and make it all up.
1. Weihnachtsfeiertag "Christmas Day"
It’d be Der Weihnachtsfeiertag "Christmas Day”.
Der Weihnachtsfeiertag ist normalerweise am 25.12. “The Christmas Day in Germany is December 25th .”
But it's a little different because in Germany the 24th is the day where you eat with your family, and have dinner together, and open the presents in the evening. And then Christmas Day is a whole day to have brunch, play games, or watch videos with your family, your Christmas movies. And actually the 26th is the second christmas holiday, and it's kind of to celebrate again, and so in Germany Christmas is a very long holiday, it's three days.
2. Tannenbaum/ Weihnachtsbaum "fir tree / Christmas Tree"
Der Tannenbaum, Der Weihnachtsbaum "fir tree / Christmas Tree"
Auf dem Tannenbaum kommt normalerweise kommt ein großer Stern. “On the fir tree, usually there is a big star,” and that star is something that is kind of traditional, because the families pass it on to their kids, to their children, and their children, to their children. So that one decoration of the star is a very special star. I think that's a very special story.
3. Weihnachtsgans "Christmas goose"
Die Weihnachtsgans "Christmas goose"
Well like most people, I’m sure you do too, on Christmas you eat the Christmas goose.
An Weihnachten essen viele Familien die Weihnachtsgans. Diese wird mit viel Gemüse zubereitet. "On Christmas Day a lot of families eat the Christmas goose with a lot of vegetables,” and it’s a very traditional meal. But depending on the family it varies, our family, we eat every year cheese fondue, for us it was tradition. I think it depends on the regions you in Germany, but yeah, we meet every year and we still do with cheese fondue.
4. Lebkuchen "Gingerbread"
Der Lebkuchen "Gingerbread”. Yeah, I’ve never made gingerbread myself, but I really want to . I think it’s so good, and tasty, I love it.
Der Lebkuchen aus Deutschland ist sehr berühmt. "The Ginger bread from Germany is very famous."
So if you ever have a chance to visit Germany during Christmas, definitely eat lots of gingerbread.
5. Christstollen "Christmas fruit cake"
This one is one of my favorite too. It’s very famous and usually sold weeks before Christmas, and it sold out all the time. And it's a great present as well, because it's very fruity, and people usually eat it maybe on Christmas day, for the coffee time at 3, 3:30 in Germany.
Der Christstollen in Deutschland ist sehr lecker und bekannt. "The Christmas fruit cake is very famous and known in Germany."
6. Weihnachtsmarkt “Christmas market”
Der Weihnachtsmarkt “Christmas market”. And it’s one of my favorite things during Christmas in Germany to visit. There’re some famous ones, like the one in Nuremberg, the south of Germany, that is very famous for its Christmas market, and all over town, and even small villages and big cities, they have several Christmas markets and they're really pretty. And they usually open in the evening, and people go there to drink hot wine, or play games, and you can they have like these little wooden booths where people sell their own handmade, like candles, or whatever. And it smells so good, it smells like Gingerbread, and very Christmassy. So it's one of my favorite places to go, that's when I really think of as Christmas.
An Weihnachten liebe ich die Weihnachtsmärkte am meisten. "On Christmas I like the Christmas markets the most."
Thank you for watching Weekly Words Holiday! If you have any experience celebrating Christmas in Germany, leave in the comments, or if you have any funny stories, you can leave in the comments, too. I would be really happy to read them. I actually read the comments, ok! I really do! Don't forget to subscribe, and see you soon. Bye! Frohe Weihnachten! Merry Christmas!