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Lesson Transcript

Hello! Welcome to Weekly Words Holiday, this is Alisa, and today's topic is St. Martin’s Day.
1. Sankt Martin "St. Martin Day”
I remember that as a child, St. Martin Day was very big in elementary school.
An Sankt Martin feiern die Kinder den Heiligen Sankt Martin. "On St. Martin's Day the kids celebrate the holy St. Martin."
Sankt Martin is am 11 November. “St. Martin Day is on November 11th.”
2. die Laterne "lantern"
Die Kinder basteln ihre eigenen Laternen an St. Martin’s Tag. "The children make their own lanterns on St. Martin's Day." And it’s very special, because you use the special paper that actually is a little see-through, and when you put a candle inside it’s like pretty colors, and it's a special holiday for kids.
3. der Umhang "cape"
St. Martin was a person, like, a very genuine person, who gave part of his cape to a poor person on the street in November 11th, usually in Germany it gets very cold; that's the story behind St. Martin's cape.
Es ist bekannt, dass St. Martin einen Umhang getragen hat und auf einem Pferd geritten ist. "It is known that St. Martin was wearing a cape and riding a horse."
So a lot of times when kids go around town with their lanterns, there is sometimes the teacher or maybe a father who dresses up as Saint Martin with a cape, and, well there’re horses everywhere in Germany, maybe you know or you don't know, but sometimes they even ride on horses with the kids and sing and celebrate St. Martin.
4. der Martinsumzug "St. Martin mass lantern procession"
So as mentioned before, the kids from your class or school make the lanterns during art class, and then go together around town to sing and celebrate Martin; and that's called the Martin mass lantern procession.
Die Kinder feiern St. Martin und nehmen am Martinsumzug teil. "The children celebrate St. Martin and walk the Martin mass lantern procession."
5. die Backware "pastry"
An St. Martin's essen die Kinder eine bestimmte Backware. “On St. Martin’s day the children eat a special pastry."
And it kind of looks like a man, and it's supposed to be a like a holy person, and it's already preparing for Christmas time, and it's actually, it looks kinda a little bit like Nikolaus, so it's all a little connected, but the the pastry is usually eaten on st. Martin's day.
Thank you for watching Weekly Words Holidays, St. Martin's Day, have you ever been to Germany on St. Martin's day? And what is your experience on St. Martin's Day? Leave in the comments, don't forget to subscribe, and see you soon. Bye!