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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hi my name is Alisa. Welcome to weekly words holidays. Today we are going to talk about Oktoberfest, Oktoberfest, yes.
It actually starts every year end of September and goes into October even though it’s called Oktoberfest. I’ve been to it once. It’s near Munich. There are some other little Oktoberfest that happens around Germany but the real one, the big one is in Munich, Bavaria and there are different beer tents where you actually have to rent space because it gets fully booked very fast and they also have even games or it’s kind of a big amusement park as well. You can eat a lot of, guess what, Bratwurst, of course with potato or fries or it’s very German.
Das Oktoberfest ist eine einmalige Erfahrung. “Oktoberfest is one of a kind experience.”
Zur Wiesn gehen “Go to the Oktoberfest”
Wiesn actually means field, the grassfield, but Wiesn is mostly used in Germany when you refer to Oktoberfest. So even within friends or you just write each other Wiesn… and then everybody knows, okay Oktoberfest time.
Wir gehen auf die Wiesn. “We are going to the Oktoberfest.”
Dirndl, The Oktoberfest traditional dress.
It’s like a very traditional Bavaria dress, only women in Bavaria wear it to special occasions. If you’ve ever seen a Dirndl it’s actually made of blouse and a long kind of dress and then there is always an Apron over it. It sounds a little housewify but it’s actually not and now-a-days, it’s actually becoming kind of trend again even within young people, there is new – even fashion designers who make them.
Ich liebe Dirndl. “I love Dirndl.”
Viele Mädels ziehen gerne Dirndl an heutzutage. “A lot of young girls really like to wear Dirndl nowadays.”
Lederhosen “Leather pants”
Leder means leather; hosen means pants, and Lederhosen is the traditional dress for men to wear to the Oktoberfest. On the Lederhosen sometimes there is a family crest, it’s called Wappen.
Ich würde als Mädchen auch Lederhosen tragen. “Me, as a girl, I would wear Lederhosen as well.”
Oans, zwoa, g'suffa “One, two, drink up (cheers)”
The Bavarian way or the Oktoberfest way to say cheers. So when you are sitting in the beer tent and you are ready to drink, let’s say together Oans, zwoa, g'suffa! I am really looking forward to this beer.
Thank you for watching this video about Oktoberfest and if you’ve ever been, leave me a comment how your experience was. If you want to go, ask me questions on the comments below. Thank you, bye!