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"I don't think I'm making any progress. What if I never reach my goals?"
We all get them from time to time. But are they worth being scared of?
What are the fears learners tend to have the most?
Learn how you can overcome them!
Here are the top 4 language learning fears according to our users
"I'm not good enough to start speaking yet."
It's a pretty common fear or misconception that most learners have.
Here's how you overcome it
The best way to get good at speaking is to start speaking from day one.
You need to open your mouth and start talking!
If you think you're not good enough, just learn German lines you want to say!
The lessons will give you the exact lines to say.
"I'm afraid I'll never be fluent."
You've got to set small, specific goals.
Measure small goals like having a 5-minute conversation.
As these small goals add up, you'll be speaking very comfortably!
"I'm not making any progress."
There are two things you can do right now.
Use the dashboard to track your progress.
Our dashboard shows how much you've accomplished.
Try a harder lesson on the site.
The lessons come with line-by-line translations...
... and the hosts explain everything!
Now you can understand something you didn't minutes ago
"I'm afraid of not understanding anything I hear"
You hear advanced grammar and vocabulary and it goes completely over your head
To beat this...
Simply read along with our line-by-line tool
It's the best way to instantly understand advanced conversations.
Translations and scripts are right in front of you.
"For real-life situations, learn useful phrases.
"Can you say it more slowly? I don't understand..."
There's nothing wrong with saying that you didn't understand something
Our Survival Phrases lessons cover must-know phrases like this.
So, these are the top 4 fears and how to overcome them.
And if you want to have the perfect tools to overcome them
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