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Lesson Transcript

Hallo, ich heiße Laura. Hi everybody! I’m Laura.
Welcome to GermanPod101.com’s “Deutsch in 3 Minuten”. The fastest, easiest, and most fun way to learn German.
In the last lesson we learned the phrase wie viel kostet das? How much is it? In this lesson let’s see how we could answer that question by counting Euros in German. In Germany the currency is the EURO.
Please pay attention to this word's pronunciation.
Let’s try to say prices in German. Start by trying to say "26 Euros and 56 cents."
Sechsundzwanzig Euro und sechsundfünfzig Cent.
[slowly] Sechsundzwanzig Euro und sechsundfünfzig Cent.
Ein Cent is “one cent” and zehn Cent is “ 10 cents”. You don’t use the plural form no matter how many Euros or cents you have.
It's really straightforward. First, we say the number of Euros, then "Euro", then the number of cents, and finally "Cent".
Let’s try another example:
"34 Euros and 60 cents."
Vierunddreißig Euro und sechzig Cent.
[slowly] Vierunddreißig Euro und sechzig Cent.
Get ready for the next example:
"99 Euros and 99 cents."
Neunundneunzig Euro und neunundneunzig. Cent.
[slowly] Neunundneunzig Euro und neunundneunzig Cent.
That takes a lot of effort to say, doesn’t it! You can shorten it in two ways. First, you don’t need to say “und”. You also don’t have to say Cent.
Neunundneunzig Euro neunundneunzig .
99 Euro 99
If it’s obvious that you are talking about Euros, you don’t even have to say “Euro”. Just say the amount and that’s it.
Now it’s time for Laura’s Insights.
The euro has been the German currency since 2002, when most countries of the European Union adopted it. Before the Euro, the currency in Germany was the D-Mark, the Deutsche Mark.
Even though many countries use the Euro, the backside of the coin still shows the country of origin. So you’ll find some coins from Germany as well as from France or Italy and you can use them everywhere.
You should ask your friends in Germany if they want to go shopping with you to practice these phrases! But first you’ll have to check if they have other plans or not. Do you know how to ask that in German? If not, I’ll see you in the next Deutsch in 3 Minuten lesson!
Bis bald!