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Lesson Transcript

Hello! My name is Alisa. Welcome to German Weekly Words and today's topic is sports.
1. eishockey “ice hockey”
In Köln gibt es eine sehr berühmte Eishockey-Mannschaft; die "Kölner Haie". “In Cologne, there is a very famous ice hockey team; the Cologne Sharks.”
I’ve ice skated before, but I've never done ice hockey.
2. fußball “football/soccer”
In Deutschland ist Fußball die Sportart. “In Germany, soccer is the most popular sport.”
3. leichtathletik “track and field”
It is die leichtathletik “track and field”.
Ich gucke gerne während der Olympischen Spiele Leichtathletik. “I actually like to watch during the Olympic Games track and field.”
4. schwimmen “swimming”
Als ich in der Schule war, bin ich geschwommen und war in einem Schwimmteam. “When I was in school, I used to go swimming in a swim team, I used to do competitions.”
5. skifahren “skiing”
Ich liebe Skifahren. “I actually love skiing.”
South of Germany, you can go skiing.
This was about sport. Tell me your favorite sport and leave in the comments. I hope to see you soon. Bye!