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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is hygiene actions.
[bürsten] - “Brush your hair” [bürsten] it’s again like tricky one especially the [rt]. Actually the noun [Bürste] is – it means brush, the noun [Früher, als Kind, hat meine Mutter mir immer gesagt, ich muss mir 100 Mal die Haare bürsten, das macht schöne Haare.] - Yeah “when I was a child, my mom actually told me to brush my hair 100 times every day and my hair would get really pretty” and I really believe that and yeah I don’t do that anymore but it was like a myth and every mom used to say that.
[föhnen] - “blow dry” and [Föhn] would be the “blow dryer”. [Ich versuche meine Haare alle zwei Tage oder drei Tage zu föhnen, weil das ungesund ist.] - “I tried to blow dry my hair like every two or every other day or every three times a week because it’s not very healthy for your hair.”
[kämmen] - “comb”. Yeah [Ich kämme meinen Hund jeden Tag.] - “I actually comb my dog every day”, he needs that too.
[rasieren] - “shave”. [Männer rasieren ihren Bart.] - so “the men shave their beards”.
[waschen] - “to wash” - [Abends, bevor ich ins Bett gehe, wasche ich mein Gesicht.] - “at night, before I go to bed, I wash my face” and clean and then go to bed. That’s like the best feeling to go home and just take a bath, relax, put your pajamas on and wash your face and go to bed. [*] Thanks for watching guys, I hope to see you soon, bye.