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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is vegetables. This is a good one. [Gemüse] well yes, [Gemüse] means “vegetable”. Yeah [Ich esse sehr sehr gerne Gemüse.] - “I like to eat a lot of vegetables” even as a snack or something. I really, really love it.
[Mais] - “corn”. Really scared of corn fields but I do love corn especially in the summer. [Aus Mais wird Popcorn hergestellt.] - well, “popcorn is made of corn”. So you know how you say this like these people too that are more like sweet or more salty and I am definitely more the salty type. I would always prefer salty snacks and salty popcorn over sugar or sweet popcorn.
[Salat] - “Lettuce”. I love Lettuce and salad. [Ich esse gerne Salat mit Sesamsoße.] - “I love to eat lettuce with sesame sauce”, it’s like one of my favorite sauces.
[Aubergine] - “eggplant”. [Ich mache gerne gefüllte Aubergine mit Reis und aus den Ofen.] Yeah, I love to eat stuffed eggplant from the oven, that’s something I really love and it’s very easy to do. You should definitely try it.
[Kartoffel] - “potato”. [Die Kartoffel its eine Nationalspezialität aus Deutschland.] The potato is actually like a national vegetable from Germany. Germans love to eat potato in all different kinds. They grow in Germany as well.
Yes thanks for watching and what’s your favorite vegetable? Leave in the comments and I hope I see you again soon, bye. I like to eat cucumber with salt as a snack – as a snack.