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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and this week’s topic is flavors. This is an interesting and exciting topic.
[Geschmack] - “taste”. [Mein Geschmack variiert von süß bis sauer und scharf.] - “So my taste varies from sweet to sour and spicy”.
[salzig] - “salty”. [Ich mag es nicht wenn meine Suppe zu salzig ist.] - “I don’t like it when my soup is too salty.”
[sauer] - “sour”. When somebody is kind of mad at you, you just say like, “oh I think she or he is mad at me”, you say - [Oh ich glaube er ist sauer.]. Yeah but in this case, of course since we are doing taste [Einer meiner Lieblingsgerichte ist süß-sauer.] - “one of my favorite food is actually sweet-sour” like sweet sour sauce or it’s more like Asian I think like Chinese or Thai. They have a lot of sweet sour sauces.
[süß] - “sweet”. Yeah I crave for chocolate. I think a lot of women too. I would need it, I just want it and then I will just eat the whole thing. [Also manchmal brauche ich süße Schokolade.] - “Sometimes I do need sweet chocolate.”
[bitter] - “bitter”. I do like bitter like dark chocolate. [Dunkle Bitterschokolade ist auch sehr bekannt in Deutschland.] - “dark bitter chocolate is very famous in Germany too”. I live like in Bonn and nearby is Lindt factory. Oh my god! When I go there, I just buy like tons and tons of chocolates. If you are ever nearby Aachen you should definitely visit the chocolate factory.
Yes so thanks for watching and I hope you tune in again soon, bye. I love spicy food. Yeah there it is, wow! I didn’t know that this would come.