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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hi my name is Alisa. Welcome to German weekly words. Today’s topic is colors. Let’s start.
[braun] - “brown”. As you probably noticed, the R is pronounced different in German. It’s more like down here. [Die Blätter werden im September braun.] - “the leaves turn more brown in September”. It’s actually one of my favorite seasons of the year. Everything is like pretty colors,
[grün] - “green”. There it is again the [Die Wälder sind sehr grün im Sommer.] - “The forest is very green in the summer.”
[schwarz] - “black”, not that similar. [Dalmatiner haben schwarze Punkte.] - “Dalmatians’ have black spots”.
[gelb] - “yellow”. [Gelb ist die Farbe des Sommers.] - “yellow is the color of summer”. I don’t know why but whenever the season changes even my outfit color changes actually. In the summer, it’s like bright and colorful and then it gets like darker
[weiß] - “white”. In winter [Im Winter ist the Schnee sehr weiß. ] - “in the winter, the snow is very white”. I personally prefer skiing over snowboarding, I am skier. Yes and thanks for watching and I hope you tune in again, thank you bye.


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thank you for the lesson transcript

my favorite color is weiß] - “white”


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Meine Lieblingsfarbe ist weiß.

My favorite color is white.