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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hello, welcome to German weekly words, my name is Alisa and this week’s topic is rooms.
So the first word itself [Zimmer] - “room”. [Abends vor dem zu Bett gehen, gehe ich nochmal zum badezimmer um meine Zähne zu putzen.] - “As a child, I am sure some of you or many of you relate I didn’t like to clean up my room”.
[Badezimmer] - “bathroom”. [Badezimmer] is really just a place where you just shower or take your bath and brush your teeth but the actual like toilet is somewhere else [Abends vor dem zu Bett gehen, gehe ich nochmal zum badezimmer um meine Zähne zu putzen. ] - So “before I go to bed, I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth”.
[Küche] - “kitchen”. - [Abends wenn ich hunger habe, gehe ich in die küche und esse gerne noch was. ] - “So I am the type before going to bed, I love to just go into the kitchen and just eat something really quick” before going to bed even though it’s bad.
[Schlafzimmer] is “bedroom”. [Schlaf] is from the verb [schlafen] which means sleep. [Die Sicht von meinem schlafzimmer ist sehr schön. ] - “the view of my bedroom is very beautiful “.
[Wohnzimmer] means “living room”. [In meinem wohnzimmer habe ich einen Fernseher.] - “in my living room, I have my TV”. Thank you for watching and tell me what’s your favorite room of the house and leave it in the comments, thank you.


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Which word do you like the most?

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[Badezimmer] - “bathroom”

thank you