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Lesson Transcript

Ready! Hello! Welcome to German Weekly Words. My name is Alisa and today's topic is cooking. The first word is…
1. grillen “to barbecue”
Am Rhein kann man schön grillen. “At the Rhein, there are really pretty places to barbecue.”
In the summertime, it's very common that young people come together, friends or even family and barbecue at the Rhine. There are spots where it's not allowed, but it's really fun.
2. pfeffer “pepper”
It is das pfeffer so it’s neutral.
Ich liebe Pfeffer und brauche es immer in meinem Essen. “I love pepper and I always need it in my meals.”
3. salz “salt”
Brezel mit Salz ist einer meiner Lieblingsgerichte aus Deutschland. “One of my favorite meals from Germany is actually pretzel with salt.”
4. zutat “ingredient”
It is die zutat, it’s feminine.
Bevor ich ein Kuchen backe, gucke ich mir die Zutaten an. “Before I bake a cake, I look at the ingredients and I read what I need.”
5. speiseöl “cooking oil”
It is das öl so it is das speiseöl.
Speiseöl finde ich gehört zu jedem Essen dazu. “I think cooking oil belongs to every meal.”
Thank you for watching and tell me what's your favorite cooking ingredient or experience, maybe you had a crazy, cooking experience. Leave in the comments and I hope to see you soon. Bye!

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