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Lesson Transcript

Welcome to German Weekly Words. My name is Alisa and today's topic is tableware. The first word is…
1. der Kaffeebecher “coffee mug”
Wenn ich keine Zeit habe, dann nehme ich mir immer meinen Kaffee im Kaffeebecher mit. “When I don´t have a lot of time, I actually take my coffee mug with me with coffee to drink it on the way.”
2. die Schöpfkelle “ladle”
It is feminine.
Ich habe, glaube ich, noch nie eine Schöpfkelle benutzt. “I don’t think I have ever used a ladle before.”
3. die Tasse “cup”
It is die Tasse so it’s feminine.
Ich habe meine Lieblingstasse. “I have my own favorite cup.”
I get really mad when somebody else uses it. It's my cup.
4. der Teller “dish”
It is der Teller. It’s masculine.
Meine Mutter benutzt seit Jahren die gleichen Teller. “My mom has been using the same dishes for years.”
5. das Weinglas “wine glass”
Die Weinkenner unter euch wissen, dass man nur bestimmte Weingläser für Wein benutzen darf. “The wine experts who are watching know that only certain wine glasses are used for wine.”
I've served wine in just normal glass and oh my god, the wine experts, they almost fainted. It was like the worst thing you could do.
Thank you for watching and I hope to see you soon. Bye!