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Lesson Transcript

Oh yeah! Welcome to German weekly words, my name is Alisa and today's topic is Clothes! Yoohoo!
1. der Wintermantel "coat"
Einmal im Jahr kaufe ich mir immer einen neuen Wintermantel. “Every year I buy a winter coat." It’s like my thing, I wanna have a new coat every winter, so I get really excited for winter. Yay!
2. das Kleid "dress"
It’s neutral.
Für die Hochzeit meines Bruders habe ich mir ein ganz besonderes Kleid ausgesucht. "For my brother's wedding I bought this really special dress." And it’s so pretty and i’m very excited to wear it, and it’s full of sequins.
3. die Hose "pants"
It’s feminine.
Ich bin mehr ein Hosenmensch. "I am more of a pants type" than skirt type, I just think pants are more comfortable.
4. das Hemd "shirt"
It’s a neutral word, shirt. It’s mostly used for men’s shirt. For women you would say blouse.
Ich mag es nicht Hemden zu bügeln. "I don't like to iron shirts." Especially suit shirts.
5. die Veste "vest"
Ich habe viele Vesten zu Hause. "I actually have a lot of vests."
I like vests, I have jeans vest, I have military vest, I have lace vest. They, like, make every outfit kind of special, so I really like it.
Thank you for watching, and leave us your comments. What's your favorite clothing?
Hope to see you soon, bye!


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