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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and let’s start. So, today’s topic is at the office.
So let’s start and [Besprechung] that means “meeting”. It sounds very soft in English and in German, it sounds very hard [Besprechung] new or modern companies do use more meeting because it’s shorter than [Besprechung] but [Besprechung] is definitely like very common German word. [Wir hatten heute mit unserem Team eine wichtige Besprechung.] - “We had very important meeting with our team”.
[Büro] meaning “office”, yeah [Unser Büro ist mitten in der Stadt.] - “our office is in the middle of the city”.
[Chef] - “boss”. I always thought in English actually you say chef too but I guess it’s more in the – like at a restaurant you say more chef [Mein Chef hat das Vergnügen nicht so viel zu arbeiten. ] and yes, “my boss has the advantage of not working as much as I do”. That’s what I just said in German. Well you know, if you are a chef of a company, you can just come in whenever kind of and so…
[Schreibtisch] means “desk”. [Ich teile meinen Schreibtisch mit einer Mitarbeiterin.] - “I share a desk with one of my co-workers”. [Schreiben] means write and [tisch] means desk.
[Computer] - “computer”. It’s again the pronunciation is different [Mein Computer ist etwas schneller geworden, nachdem ich es aufgerüstet habe. ] - “my computer is faster now after I sent it in” and I don’t know about you but I get really frustrated when the computer is really slow. I just want to – I don’t know, I want to throw it out the window. Yes thank you and hopefully you will tune in again.