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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is Drinks. I am so hyperactive.
[Bier] - “Beer”. [Bier ist das Nationalgetränk Deutschlands.] - “Beer is the drink in Germany”. I mean the interesting thing is each city has his own beer. So it’s like a lot of competition. For example, in Cologne, it’s called Kölsch, but if you don’t like it, you do – they don’t care. They are very, very proud of their own beers.
[Fruchtsaft] - “fruit juice”. [Einer der berühmtesten Fruchtsäfte ist Apfelschorle.] - “One of the most famous fruit juices in Germany, it’s called [Apfelschorle]”. It’s actually Apple juice mixed with sparkling water and it’s very famous. Whenever I go out to eat, I always get it. It’s so refreshing and it’s very common and you should definitely try it.
[Milch] - “Milk”. I don’t want to say it like milk. It is [die Milch] so it’s feminine. [Ich habe noch nie selber Milch gemolken.] - “I’ve never milked the cow before to get milk”. Yeah I will leave that to the farmers.
[Tee] - “Tea”. It is [der Tee] it’s masculine. [Ich liebe es, Tee zu trinken.] - “I actually love to drink tea” and all kinds of like fruits and green tea and black tea.
[Kaffee] - “Coffee”. It is [der Kaffee] it’s masculine and [Ich brauche jeden Morgen meinen Kaffee sonst bin ich nicht gut drauf.] - “I need my coffee every morning or else I can be a monster”. I am like in a really bad mood if I don’t have coffee. There were times where I didn’t even have coffee late and I was such in a bad mood. I was just like – I was like screaming. Yes so I am a very coffee person. Thank you for watching and if you’ve been to Germany or if you have a favorite German food or beverage or wine and beer, leave in the comments and thank you and hope to see you soon, bye.


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Which word do you like the most?

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Sunday at 03:27 AM
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Hallo robert groulx,

Danke schön for posting. We are very happy to have you here. Let us know if you have any questions.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,


Team GermanPod101.com

robert groulx
Sunday at 12:32 AM
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thanks for the lesson transcript

favorite phrase is [Ich brauche jeden Morgen meinen Kaffee sonst bin ich nicht gut drauf.] -


Team Germanpod
Friday at 06:38 PM
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@Jeff: Nice! I used to live in Frankfurt! So you like the Römer?

Is there a particular place you like the most to drink beer?


Team Germanpod101.com

Tuesday at 10:41 PM
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Bier, natürlich, von dem Römer Brunnen (Frankfurt am Main). Römer Pils (vom Faß) ist lecker!

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Thursday at 01:43 PM
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Hallo Sophia,

Thank you for your comment and question!

In this sentence, "Kaffee" is in the accusative case, which is why is is "meinen Kaffee".

I hope this helps!

Vielen Dank!


Team GermanPod101.com

Monday at 02:04 PM
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i would like to ask one grammatical question.

In "der Kaffee" sentence,

why is that to be meinen Kaffee, rather than meiner Kaffee?

vielen dank!