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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hi, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is mammals.
Okay let’s start [Ziege], [die Ziege] goat, it is feminine. [In meiner Nachbarschaft haben wir viele Ziegen.] - “In my neighborhood, there are actually a lot of goats”.
[Hirsch]. It is masculine [der Hirsch] - “deer”. [Gegenüber von meinem Haus in Deutschland gibt es viele Hirsche.] - “Across the house where I live in Germany, there is like a lot of deer”.
The next word – dog. Okay now I will say it again [Hund] - “dog”. Oh my god! This is my favorite animal. Dog, it is [der Hund] and feminine word is [die Hündin]. So in German, even to kids, you would say like wow wow! [Seit ich auf der Welt bin hatten wir schon immer Hunde.] - “Since I am born, I’ve always had dogs” and my family always owns dogs. We are a very dog-oriented family.
Next word, [Katze] - “cat”. It is [die Katze] for girl cats. The masculine word is very different, it is [der Kater]. [Ich habe letztens eine Katze gerettet.] - “I rescued cat a few weeks ago”.
[Pferd] - “horse”, it is [das Pferd]. [Als Kind bin ich öfter auf Pferden geritten.] - “As a child, I rode horses”. My horse’s name was actually Popeye and it was gray and it had like white dots and it was very stubborn but I remember it very clearly, Popeye and me were like a team, you know. Yeah this was mammals and leave in the comments your favorite mammal or maybe your experience with one of the mammals you just learned about and I hope to see you soon, bye.
Kuh! Moo! My god it even rhymes! Cut!


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