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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic – and today’s topic is personalities.
[höflich] - “Polite”. [Ich finde es sehr wichtig wenn Menschen höflich sind und darauf lege ich sehr viel Wert.] - “I think it’s very important when people are polite and I value that a lot.”
[schlau] - “clever”. [Unser Hund ist sehr schlau.] - “Our dog is very clever”. I have a German shepherd mix dog and he is very clever and I like to just teach him new things.
[stolz] - “proud”. [Ich bin sehr stolz auf euch, wenn ihr gut Deutsch lernt.] - “I am very proud of you guys when you learn German”.
[streng] that’s like so German [Viele Ausländer sagen die deutsche Sprache ist eine strenge Sprache.] - “A lot of foreigners actually say that German language is a straight language”. Yeah I don’t really get why. I mean I do kind of hear it that it’s not very like soft language. I actually had lot of my friends too from like foreign friends, they are always like, are you like fighting with your parents and I am like no, I am talking normal but I guess it just sounds very harsh and strict.
[überheblich] - “overbearing”. You just missed my whole acting. I was like [Ich mag keine Menschen die überheblich sind.] - “I don’t like people who are like overbearing”. I think everybody should just not ever think that anybody is over somebody. Yes this was the end. Oh no! I thank you for watching German weekly words with today’s topic, personalities. Yeah leave in the comments what’s your personality like? Are you short-tempered or you are the funny person and yes I would like to know. See you soon, bye. Bye, bye. Well I am a human!