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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hello, welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is continents.
[Afrika] - “Africa”. [Ich war ein Mal auf dem Kontinent Afrika, in Ägypten.] - “I have been to the continent Africa in Egypt before.” It was so pretty and it was very interesting and the water was so blue. So it’s definitely worth a trip.
[Asien] - “Asia”. [Asien ist einer meiner Lieblingskontinente. Ich finde, Asien hat sehr viele reiche Kulturen.] - “Asia is actually one of my favorite continents. I think it is very rich in culture.” There is so much to see just the traditions and the culture is very old and very interesting.
[Australien] - “Australia” - [Australien ist auf meiner Reiseliste.] - “Australia is on my destination list.”
[Europa] - “Europe”. [Eine meiner Lieblingsstädte in Europa ist Barcelona.] - “One of my favorite cities in Europe is Barcelona.” Barcelona is a very cool city for young people. I actually lived in Spain for 5 years when I was a child and I had a lot of memories. You can do everything there from the beach, you can go skiing and the mountains.
[Südamerika] - “South America”. [Ich habe Familie in Südamerika, in Brasilien.] - “I actually have family and relatives in South America in Brazil.” My German side of the family went to Brazil a long time ago. So they are Germans. Yeah I visited them and Brazil has to be really one of my favorite countries. The culture, they just hug you, you are always welcome and it’s a very, very colorful and warm country. They just dance everywhere and it’s really fun. Yes This was it. oh no! And thank you for watching the German weekly words with continents. Leave in the comments your favorite continent and country or city if you want to and I hope to see you soon. Bye. I was going to say Germany is in the Europe but it’s like okay, duh!


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