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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hello welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic is plants - [Pflanzen].
[Blume] - “flower”, it is feminine and it is [die Blume]. [Eine meiner Lieblingsblumen sind Orchideen.] - “One of my favorite flowers is orchid.”
[Busch] - “bush” [der Busch], it is masculine [Der Busch in unserem Garten muss wieder geschnitten werden.] - “The bush in our garden has to be cut again”.
“Seed” - [Samen] in this case, it is a masculine word and it would be [der Samen]. [Meine Mutter planzt öfter Samen von Gurken und Tomaten.] - “My mom plants often cucumber and tomato seeds”. It tastes very different if you have done that, the tomatoes are very juicy and the cucumbers are – just taste really, really good and I really like it.
[Unkraut] weed, oh okay [Unkraut] - “weed”, in this case it is neutral and it is [das Unkraut]. [Als ich jünger war, habe ich Taschengeld bekommen wenn ich Unkraut gepflückt habe.] - “When I was younger, I used to get pocket money to get out the weed in our garden.” I really enjoyed doing it because of course I got money and I think it’s a good thing to just not get pocket money just like that but you have to actually work on it and I actually had to work a lot like within the house to do things around the house and help
[Zweig] - “branch”. It is masculine and it is [der Zweig]. [Manchmal sammel ich gerne Zweige und mache daraus etwas Neues.] - “I actually like to collect branches and just paint them or make something out of it”. I really like that. It is very fun. You can do all sorts of things like lamps or decorating your room and putting necklaces on it or something really fun. So I really enjoy doing that. Thank you for watching and today’s topic is plants and if you have a favorite flower or a plant, leave in the comments and I hope to see you soon, bye.


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thank you for the lesson transcript

i like the nost is visiting museum and historical sites


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That reaction to weed-Unkraut??? I heard lots of things about how germans are cold and formal but when I watch any of her videos, I forgot all about that image ? She looks so natural and friendly:))