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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and let’s start. So this week’s topic is “your face”.
[Auge] - “Eye”. [Meine Augen sind braun.] - “my eyes are brown”.
[Mund ] - “mouth”. [Wenn ich spreche, bewege ich meinen Mund sehr viel.] - “when I talk, I move my mouth a lot.” My mom always says, she is always like, why do you move your mouth that much.
[Nase] - “nose”. [Im Sommer kriege ich viele Sommersprossen auf meiner Nase.] - “in the summer, I get a lot of freckles on my nose.” I think they are cute so….
[Kinn] - “chin”. It sounds like Vietnamese food or something. [Im Film "Batman" hat Joker einen sehr langen Kinn.] - “In the movie Batman, joker has a really long chin”
[Stirn] - “forehead”. [Meine Stirn kriegt direkt einen Sonnenbrand.] - “my forehead gets a sunburn very easily”. It’s like the first thing that when I am at the beach or something, it gets sunburned. Yes thank you for – I will say yes, yes! Thanks for watching guys. I hope you tune in again soon, have a great day, bye. When I can, I like to wear a lot of big earrings in my ear [*] oh my god!