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Lesson Transcript

Alisa: Hi guys and welcome to German weekly words. My name is Alisa and today’s topic will be “the weather”. I am for example very like weather mood person. Das wetter would be the German word. It will be hot one day and very cold the next day and it’s very crazy.
The first word [bewölkt] - “cloudy”. [Der Himmel ist heute sehr bewölkt.] “The sky is very cloudy today”.
The next word [Blitz] - “lightning”. You don’t get to see that a lot in Germany. [Der Blitz war heute sehr belichtet.] - “the lightning was very flashy today”. If there was a lightning, I don’t know if you guys feared about that but I was always outside and want to take like the best picture.
Yeah the next word is [Regen] - “rain”. We do get a lot of that in Germany unfortunately. If you ever go to Germany and even apply there for a job, that’s a good conversation. Germans love to talk about the weather. So that’s like an inside tip. [Der Regen ist heute sehr sehr stark.] meaning “the rain is very, very strong today”.
[sonnig] is “sunny”. In Germany, there are days where it can be sunny and pretty and everybody is just outside in café’s [Wenn es sonnig wird dann gehen die Menschen mehr raus.] - “When it gets sunny, people just go outside more” and enjoy the beautiful weather.
[windig] - “windy”, very similar [Es ist ein guter Tag um segeln zu gehen, weil das Wetter windig ist.] - “It is a good day to go sailing because the weather is windy”. Is that even right? I went to this camp in the summer and we did go sailing and actually Germany has a lot of lakes to go sailing to. So that’s definitely like a fun experience. So that was about the German weather and some inside tips and hopefully you enjoyed it.