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Lesson Transcript

Chuck: This is Advanced Focus Lesson 9.
Judith: Willkommen!
Chuck: Welcome to another Advanced Focus Lesson. This series is all about understanding German verb prefixes, such as [ab, an, ver, zer, auf and others].
Judith: Learn these prefixes, German vocabulary will start to make a lot more sense to you.
Chuck: So, which prefixes we’re looking at today?
Judith: Today we shall look the German prefix [ent-].
Chuck: Sounds good. But, before we start let me just remind you that you can also review this lesson as a PDF at GermanPod101.com.
Judith: In the PDF for each Advanced Focus Lesson, you can find a lot more words using the prefixes we introduced.
Chuck: Not just the words we mentioned in this podcast but also others used in the same prefix.
Judith: It’s an easy way to improve your German vocabulary. I do hope you’ll use this tool.
Chuck: Now, let’s talk about the prefix [ent-].
Judith: [Die Vorsilbe “ent-” spaltet sich nicht ab. Zum Beispiel sagen wir: “Kolumbus hat die neue Welt entdeckt”].
Chuck: “Columbus discovered the new world.” So, this is a non-separable prefix. The word isn’t split in two under any circumstances.
Judith: [Die Bedeutung von “ent-” ist oft, dass etwas wegfällt].
Chuck: “Something dropping out”. Falling away, even being removed or disappearing on its own.
Judith: [Bei dem Wort “entdecken”, ist es die Decke, die wegfällt].
Chuck: The word [entdecken], “to discover”, contains the word [Decke], “blanket”. So, you get the imagine of a blanket being removed from something. Isn’t [decken], “ to cover” as well?
Judith: Yes.
Chuck: Okay. [Kannst du uns andere Beispiele geben]?
Judith: [Ja, zum Beispiel “entfernen”].
Chuck: “To remove”, based on the notion of [fern], “far away”.
Judith: [Oder entkommen].
Chuck: “To get away, escape”.
Judith: [Oder “entlassen”].
Chuck: “To lay off”, literally let someone fall away.
Judith: [Wörter, die auf Deutsch mit “Ent” anfangen, werden auf Englisch oft mit:] “away”, “of”, “out”, “be”, “this” [übersetzt].
Chuck: [Ent] with this prefix is often translated with “away”, “of”, “out”, “be” or “this” in English.
Judith: [entscheiden].
Chuck: “To decide”.
Judith: [entnehmen].
Chuck: “To take something out of a container”.
Judith: [entsenden].
Chuck: “To dedicate” or “send out”.
Judith: [entkleiden].
Chuck: “To dissolve” or “undress”.
Judith: It’s easy to understand prefixes when thinking about its meaning, rather than the structure of the English word.
Chuck: Thank you for the overview of prefix [ent-].
Judith: Thank you for helping me explaining it, Chuck.
Chuck: And thanks for our listeners for listening to our podcast and making it so popular.
Judith: If you’re listening to this on iTunes, do go to GermanPod101.com and check out our other podcasts and materials as well.
Chuck: GermanPod101 is a comprehensive site with lessons on everything.
Judith: So, hope to see you there.
Chuck: See you there.
Judith: [Bis nächstes Mal]!


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thanks for the lesson

my favorite is [Kannst du uns andere Beispiele geben]?xx


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thanks for the lesson

my favorite is [Kannst du uns andere Beispiele geben]?


Saturday at 02:24 AM
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Sie haben die "ent" Vorsilbe enträtselt. Vielen Dank!

Entschuldigung, ich habe entdeckt, daß mein Sohn noch schmutzig ist. Ich muß ihn entkleiden und versuchen, den Schmutz zu entfernen. Er hat entschieden, mir zu entkommen, aber ich werde ihn nicht lassen.

(You have de-mystified the "ent" prefix. Thanks a lot!

Excuse me, I have discovered that my son is dirty again. I must disrobe him and try to remove the dirt. He has decided to escape me, but I will not let him.)