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Lesson Transcript

Hello! It's Alisa! Welcome to the top 10 phrases you always want to hear, let's begin!
1. Das Budget ist unbegrenzt! "The budget is unlimited!"
That’s like a dream for every woman I think.
Das Budget ist unbegrenzt! "The budget is unlimited!"
Who doesn't want to hear that all the time? I would love to hear that because I love shopping.
2. Du bist ein ausgezeichneter Koch! "You are an excellent cook!"
Or if it's a girl you would say Du bist eine ausgezeichnete Köchin.
You wanna be equal, you know. I'm actually not a good cook, by the way. Oh I tried!
3. Du siehst toll aus heute! "You look great today!"
Du siehst toll aus heute! Danke schön!
"You look great today!" “Thank you!”
Who doesn't love to hear that? Especially on a Monday morning.
4. Es wird einen Bonus am Ende des Monats geben! "There will be a bonus at the end of this month!"
What would you do if you've got a bonus at the end of this month? Actually I wouldn't know, maybe I'll go shopping, but then maybe going on vacation or something. That’ll be a nice vacation. I would go to like Fiji, to the Fiji Islands, and just be at the beach and in nature. I think that's what I would love to do.
5. Gute Arbeit! "You did a great job!"
I am sure you've been all doing a great job in learning German with me, and I hope you still keep learning with us. So Gute Arbeit! Danke schön!
"You did a great job!" “Thank you!”
6. Ich habe dir heute etwas Besonderes mitgebracht! "I brought you something special!"
Now that’s a nice one as well, who doesn't like presents? I think what is special to me is more of a, well, something that's thoughtful, you know, or memory, or it's not about how big something is or how how expensive, I think it's something that, you know, if people bringing something special, and it's usually something that they thought of, or maybe they made themselves. I love those kind of things. What is something special you've got as a present? Leave me in the comments and tell me.
7. Ich vermisse dich. "I miss you."
Who is somebody you miss, or what, maybe a dog? To all the dog lovers out there, leave in the comments what kind of dog do you have.
8. Mache eine Pause! Ich werde heute putzen. "Take a break! I´ll do the cleaning today."
Oh! That is a really good one, that's actually a very special present. I think that's something you should do for the whole day, just, you know, be there and just clean the house for once.
9. Sie hatten Recht! "You were right!"
Yes I love to hear that. I actually think I'm always right, so…
10. ...und Sie gewinnen! "...and you win!"
Have you won something? Maybe you play sport or you're in a team, and I would be really interested to know what you do, or if you’ve ever won something in the lottery or whatever, or you did some competition, anything, leave in the comments.
What is your favorite compliment or phrase you’ve ever heard? Or if you want to hear something, leave in the comments, and if you can, in German. Thank you for watching the 10 phrases you always want to hear, and please don't forget to subscribe, and see you soon! Bye!