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Lesson Transcript

Hello, everybody. Welcome to top 15 questions you should know for conversations. My name is Alisa, and let's get started!
1. Magst du deutsches Essen? "Do you like German food?"
Einer meiner Lieblingsspeisen aus Deutschland sind Knödel. "One of my favorite German foods is Knödel."
It actually is made of potatoes, it's a good potato powder and you boil it in water, it's very German actually, and it's called Knödel.
2. Wann ist dein Geburtstag? "When is your birthday?"
Mein Geburtstag ist am 6. Januar. "My birthday is on January 6."
It's actually another German holiday so remember my birthday and send me a birthday gift. I'm joking.
3. Warst du schon einmal in Deutschland? "Have you been to Germany?"
Falls ihr schon mal in Deutschland wart, würde ich gerne eure Geschichten hören.
"If you’ve ever been to Germany, let me know your stories" and leave it in the comments.
4. Was hast du gesagt? "What did you say?"
If you are learning German and you don't understand the German people when they're talking fast, you can say Was hast du gesagt? "What did you say?"
5. Was ist das? "What's this?"
If you don't know a word in German, or if you see something that used to, haven't seen before, you usually say Was ist das? "What's this?"
Was ist das? Das ist ein Fernseher. "What's this? This is a TV."
Oh my god, of course.
6. Wie alt bist du? "How old are you?"
Wie heißt du? Wie alt bist du? "What's your name? How old are you?" If you are trying to get to know someone and that's a very common question.
7. Wie geht es dir? "How are you?"
Heute geht es mir blendend. "Today I am really great."
Wie geht es dir? is something that you can add Hello.
Hallo! Wie geht es dir? “Hello! How are you?”
8. Wie ist dein Name? "What is your name?"
Mein Name ist Alisa. "My name is Alisa."
So what's your name? Remember that one and don't forget the name, you know.
9. Wie lange lernst du schon Deutsch? "How long have you been studying German?"
Ich würde gerne wissen, wie lange ihr schon Deutsch lernt. "I am curious to know how long you have been studying German."
Leave me the comments, since I would read them.
10. Wie lautet deine Telefonnummer? "What's your phone number?"
I think it's important if you're in a country that you don't know, when you're new, you're trying to connect, and so try to meet as much people as possible. Get their phone numbers and meet them again and so remember this question.
11. Wo arbeitest du? "Where do you work?"
You know, some people who go maybe for a year to Germany to learn the language, they have a side job that they are working on. That's a good way to learn German because every day you'll be speaking in German anyways.
12. Wo hast du Deutsch gelernt? "Where did you learn German?"
Ich würde gerne wissen, wo ihr Deutsch gelernt habt. Entweder in der Schule oder vielleicht bei einer Gastfamilie.
"I am curious to know where did you learn German? Maybe at a language school or you went to Germany for few months with a host family."
I would love to know, of course besides GermanPod, where did you learn German?
13. Wo kommst du her? "Where are you from?"
Ich würde gerne wissen, woher ihr kommst. "I would love to know where you are from?"
14. Wo lebst du? "Where do you live?"
Ich würde gerne wissen, falls ihr schon mal Deutschland besucht habt, wo ihr da gelebt hat.
"I would love to know where you where living in Germany when you visited or you have been there for a while." Where do you live?
15. Was ist deine Lieblingsstadt in Deutschland? "What is your favorite city in Germany?"
Was ist deine Lieblingsstadt in Deutschland? "What is your favorite city in Germany?"
I don't really have a favorite German city because I have a lot in Germany, like I couldn't get this is the my favorites, and a lot are very pretty and special and very different.
Thank you for watching the top 15 questions you should know for conversations. Leave me a comment, your answers, and don't forget to subscribe, and see you soon, bye!