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Lesson Transcript

Hello! My name is Alisa. Welcome to 15 Favorite Words, chosen by you! Let's start with the first favorite word.
1. bitte "please"
Kannst du mir bitte das holen? "Can you please bring that to me?"
My mom tells me a lot, please, Alisa today do the laundry.
2. Blume "flower"
That's one of my favorite words, too.
Meine Lieblingsblumen sind Orchideen. "My favorite flowers are orchids."
3. danke "thank you."
Danke, dass du heute das für mich gemacht hast. "Thank you for doing that today."
4. du "you"
Kannst du heute mit mir einkaufen gehen? "Can you go shopping with me today?"
5. Freund "friend"
Ein guter Freund ist wie Familie. "A good friend is like family."
6. Geld "money"
Geld macht nicht unbedingt glücklich. "Money doesn't necessarily make you happy."
7. glücklich "happy"
Ich versuche immer glücklich zu sein. "I always try to be happy."
Mich machen die kleinen Dinge glücklich. “The little things in life make me happy.”
8. Liebe "love"
Ich finde, Liebe ist das Wichtigste im Leben. "I think love is the most important thing in life."
9. peinlich "embarrassing"
Ich glaube, ich bin oft peinlich. Aber es ist mir egal. "I think a lot of times I am embarrassing, but I actually don't care."
10. Platz "place"
Mein Lieblingsplatz ist in der Natur. "My favorite place is the nature and being outside."
11. Schadenfreude "melicious joy"
Ich finde, ich habe viel Schadenfreude, was sehr gesund ist, finde ich. "I think I have a lot of melicious joy, which I think is actually healthy." If you can just laugh at things, and everything, and even yourself, that's one of the most important characteristics.
12. schlafen "to sleep"
Ich liebe schlafen. "I love to sleep.”
Ich schlafe oft vor dem Fernsher ein. “I fall asleep often while watching TV."
13. schön "beautiful"
Ich liebe es, wenn das Wetter schön ist und die Sonne scheint. "I love it when the weather is beautiful and the sun is shining."
14. Süßigkeiten "candy"
Einer meiner Lieblingssüßigkeiten ist Haribo Gummibärchen. "One of my favorite candies is Haribo gummy bears."
Haribo is actually from Bonn, where I’m born. And it means, well the founder is called Hans Riegel, and it’s Bonn, so it’s Ha from Hans, Ri from Regal, Bo from Bonn, so Haribo. I think everybody who goes to Bonn should visit the factory of Haribo because it’s where it’s from.
15. Natur "nature"
Die Natur hat eine heilende Wirkung. "Nature has a healing effect."
Thank you for watching the Top 15 Favorite Words, chosen by you guys! Tell me what's your favorite word, and leave it in the comments below. Don't forget subscribe to watch more videos with me, and I hope to see you soon, bye!