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Lesson Transcript

Hey, everybody! What’s up? I’m Henrik. Welcome to a new episode of GermanPod101.com. Today, it's the 30th birthday of my brother, I thought let's put a topic that suits today and today we're going on about top 10 Gift You Must Know in German. Let's go and have fun! By the way, this is the party room that we're gonna have the party tonight, so right on the spot. We're gonna finish up the lesson and then I'm gonna change and hit the dance floor, alright? Okay! As I'm a nice person, let's start with the easy one.
1. Laptop "laptop"
Same in German, same in English.
Ich habe einen neuen Laptop gekauft. "I bought a new laptop computer."
Yeah, laptops are very useful. I use my laptop to prepare my lessons for you guys. Yeah, I think today, either for school or work, everybody needs a laptop. So a laptop is always a good present, especially when you’re still going to school and you probably also want to use it for gaming, on making music, or whatever, it's nice to have a laptop. Very good laptops are very expensive but you know that, right? The good part of this word is it's the same in English as if it's in German, so very easy to remember.
Laptop "laptop"
2. Parfüm "perfume"
Dieses Parfüm riecht echt gut. "This perfume smells really good."
I guess, yeah, this is a very good present for your girlfriend or for your mom, or just for any female person but don't be so stereotypical, also man like to have good smell so let me try for your next, for your daddy’s next birthday to give him perfume, to be a surprise. By the way, my favorite one is the Giorgio Armani perfume, very good smell.
3. Buch "book"
Ich lese gerade ein gutes Buch. "I am reading a good book at the moment."
I don't know if you like to read, I just... sometimes I'm just a bit lazy because I'm so slow reading, but right now I actually do read a book. My favorite authors is Ken Follett, I don’t know if you’ve heard about him, [his books] get history-based romance. You should try [reading], Ken Follett, good author, my favorite.
4. Weltkarte "world map"
Ich mag es auf der Weltkarte zu stöbern. "I like to browse around a world map."
Indeed, world maps are so cool, you can just dream of all the places you want to go. And on there, South America seems so close to Europe or even Australia, it's not that far away. And I just like to look at it and imagine what happens to these parts of the world; so if you were looking for a present for me a world map would be a good choice.
5. Kamera "camera"
Kannst du mir vielleicht deine Kamera heute ausleihen? "Could you lend me your camera today?"
Oh yeah, another easy one. Kamera "camera", almost the same thing. But if you want to give a camera as a present, it's... I think it should be a really good one; instead of giving a crappy one, you should give what I am telling you next.
6. Smartphone "smartphone"
Es gibt viel zu viele verschiedene Smartphone Modelle. "There are too many types of smartphones."
Indeed, there are a lot and I I just recently ordered a new one, and it didn't arrive yet so you still got my old crappy smartphone here. But yeah, I did not choose... I just chose it today. But instead of giving a crappy camera, just give a legit smartphone and I think you should be good, because everybody knows that today’s smartphone cameras are pretty nice.
So yeah, that's the cool thing, I mean, the choice of smartphones is huge but also there are many really good ones, so you don't need to give crappy cameras anymore. If somebody really appreciates photographs, give them a very nice camera; but other than that, smartphone might be the better choice.
7. Lexikon "dictionary"
Ich habe ein Englisch-Französisches Lexikon. "I have an English-French dictionary."
Honestly, I don't know if dictionaries will be the best present, many for the nerds... Is there any nerds? Yeah, give them dictionaries, just dictionaries about stuff.
I actually do have a French-English dictionary, so maybe I'm a nerd. I mean, you do need it for stuff.
Now, that's my best gift idea for day
8. einen Freiflug nach Deutschland "free flight to Germany"
Sie hat einen Freiflug nach Deutschland bei der Lotterie gewonnen. "She won a free flight to Germany at the lottery."
You must be really lucky to win it in a lottery so that's why I'm telling you is a very good gift idea, okay? If your parents are watching and you have kids, and you want to be a very good parent, a very nice present, you give them a free flight to Germany so that they could learn German right on the spot.
Another very good one.
9. Schokolade "chocolate"
Kinder lieben Schokolade. "Children love chocolate."
It's true, so wanna make a kid happy? Just give him some chocolates. I personally prefer more the gum stuff, but chocolate is good.
10. Tee "tea"
Der Tee war mir einfach zu bitter. "The tea was just too bitter."
Yeah, my sister, she loves tea, I actually gave her tea for her birthday once. As you’re coming from England, then could give some nice cups of tea, good tea from England. Sorry for that.
No, but yeah, I mean there are people who love tea; I'm a coffee person but my sister, she loves tea, so I give her tea for her birthday. But yeah, if you have little kids, better stick to chocolate.
I hope with this lesson today, you get some good ideas for presents or for gifts; if not, I hope that at least we picked up some German.
And I'm looking forward for the party today. I need to, still, prepare some stuff here. I don't know, if you've noticed it looks quite nice, right? But there's stuff to do. So I wish you a good day. That's it for today, my brother just arrived on the motorcycle, so ciao ciao. See you next time!