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Lesson Transcript

Hey! What’s up everybody? I’m Henrik. Welcome to a new episode of GermanPod101.com. Today, the first time here from Munich. It’s my little room I’m living in right now. I moved to Munich for a new job. It’s a great city. It’s kind of a travel from where I’d been before, but according to this, I have a very cool topic for you today, top 10 ways to prepare your travel. We all love travelling. Probably, you love travelling, that’s why you take this course because you wanna travel to Germany. If you wanna travel, a good preparation is the first step. So, here we go!
1. Reiseziel wählen “to choose your destination”
Bitte wähle jetzt dein Reiseziel aus.
“Please choose your travel destination.”
So, apparently, if you wanna go somewhere, first of all, you got to choose where you wanna go. I do this myself for some holiday, but I’m not really sure yet where I should go. I’m thinking on Greece. Do you have any recommendations? I heard the islands are pretty nice. But anyways, there are so many nice travel destinations in the world, so before you get into all the planning stuff, make sure you wisely choose your travel destination.
2. Einen Reiseführer kaufen “to buy a guidebook”
Kauf dir bitte einen Reiseführer bevor du aufbrichst.
“Please go and buy a guidebook before you leave.”
Most people, I guess, are going online to search for travel destinations and for where they want to go. Even though, I personally, we like having a guidebook because, if you really have something to look in then it’s more… I don’t know, for me, it’s easier to plan stuff. You go page by page, you can compare. On the internet, there’s just so much stuff. It’s maybe a bit overwhelming and you never know, okay, this website, maybe just some weirdos wrote, I don’t know. But in the travel guide, in the guidebook, you usually have like really well-researched information and you can be sure that what they write down there is pretty accurate. I would recommend go buy a guidebook instead of only relying on the internet.
I got one of the most important for you.
3. Geld sparen “to save money”
Geld sparen ist gerade in jungen Jahren sehr wichtig.
“To save money is very important, especially at a young age.”
Indeed, like, it’s a little bit the paradox here, right? When you’re young, you usually have a lot of time. I don’t know, if you’re a student, there’s lots of students’ holidays, days off, school holidays and you have all the time to travel, but there is no money. Later on your work, you gain all the big money, but then, there’s no time anymore to travel. So, kind of difficult to find and figure a way here. So, the best thing to do if you’re young having a lot of time, save up some money so that you can go travel, because once you’re working, it gets harder. Also, never underestimate how much you spend in the holiday.It’s not only like the train, the flight or the accommodation. If you really wanna enjoy your holiday, you should have saved up some money to do stuff where you are, because just by going there and hanging out in your hotel, you don’t really need to go there, right?
4. Einen Flug buchen “to book a flight”
Wir buchen heute einen Flug nach Spanien.
“We are going to book a flight to Spain today.”
Yeah, so once you saved up all the money, you can go ahead and book a flight. Make sure you researched it a little bit on the internet, compare prices. Also, my experience, Tuesday night is the best day to book a flight, I don’t know. Maybe, you have different experiences, but for me, that’s when I find the cheapest fares.
5. Die Kosten recherchieren “to research the costs”
Es ist wichtig, dass man vor eine Reise die Kosten recherchiert.
“It is important that you research the costs before the trip.”
Yeah, apparently, before booking the flight, you should actually research the costs and save up enough money so that you can make sure you can have the trip you want. Because, as I said earlier, it’s not only the flight, it’s not only the accommodation, there’s so much more that you will spend during your holiday often, like food. Okay, you say, oh, I have all inclusive, but still, you wanna go, I don’t know, like to a bar, to a party maybe or, on a like, maybe the boat trip or at the beach just with an ice cream. I don’t know, there are many things you wanna do in the holiday that you maybe wouldn’t do at home, so it’s important that you kind of research a little bit what are the costs for all the accommodations and flight, but also, what are the costs for the stuff that I wanna do at the place I’m going to, so that you can have the best time.
6. Urlaub beantragen “to request vacation time”
Rechtzeitig Urlaub beantragen sollte man nicht vergessen.
“You should not forget to request holiday on time.”
Yeah, indeed. If you plan on having a cool trip somewhere, make sure that your boss is okay with that. Imagine that you’re planning all your holiday and then after that, you go to your boss saying, “Oh, can I have some days off?” I want to go to, I don’t know, a cool place. And then he said, “No, I need you.” All the planning, all the research of the costs, everything went nothing. Worse even, if you already booked on the internet, this can be very cost intensive. So, do the research, ask for vacation, and then book. That’s the right order.
7. Unterkünfte buchen “to book accommodations”
Günstige Unterkünfte kann man im Internet buchen.
“Cheap accommodations can be booked on the internet.”
Yeah, for me, this is always when the trip kind of gets real, like, okay booking the flight is the first cool step, but then if you book like a hotel or a hostel, cool stuff, or maybe having beer are some of the options nowadays. This is when you kind of like feel, okay, this is the place, really, not only the country or the city, but this is the place where I’m going to, where I’m going to stay. Then for me, this is always the exciting moment of, oh cool, like the travel gets real. I know where I will spend my time. I know where I will be accommodated. It’s an important part. Also, there is like the big range of costs. If you compare the prices on the internet, you’ll probably find something really cheap, many options for whatever you like.
8. Den Reisepass erneuern “to renew your passport”
Hast du etwa vergessen deinen Reisepass zu erneuern?
“Did you forget to renew your passport?”
Oops… That’s one thing you don’t wanna miss out on. The guys at the border can be very strict about that. To renew your passport is kind of more important than you might think, because if you haven’t been on a vacation for a long time, you’re probably not aware of your validation date of the passport and then, it always takes a while to renew it. So, really make sure, when you start planning your trip, that you also already checked your passport. Not that you wake up and, “Oh, tomorrow is my flight.” Let’s check my passport and then, “Oh! Shoot, it’s overdue.” That’s something you got to, got to plan a bit ahead.
9. einpacken “to pack”
Also, einpacken “to pack”
Du brauchst kein Handtuch einpacken, das Hotel gibt uns welche.
“You don't need to pack a towel; the hotel will give us some.”
Better bring your own towel, I’d say. Depending, I mean, some rooms actually give you towels. I always check if I need a towel because my luggage is always very kind of small and towel is very big. If you don’t need to bring a towel, that’s perfect. You save a lot of space in your luggage for other cool stuff, to bring some souvenirs for your family. Even though also, get back to main word, to pack, like einpacken, that’s also one of the coolest parts for me for the journey. I know, many people will find it so annoying to pack all the stuff, a little bit stressful, but again, like after you booked a flight and have the accommodation, everything, this is the next step when it really gets real, like, oh, you usually pack like maybe a day or two before. You start going on your vacation so then you feel like, okay this is… we kind of start out the vacation. So then, it’s not so stressful for me, but it’s kind of enjoyable because the trip is starting.
10. Ein Visum beantragen “to get a visa”
Wenn du nach China willst, musst du vorher ein Visum beantragen.
“If you want to visit China, you have to apply for a visa in advance.”
Yeah, China is one country. The US also, but as Germans, we’re quite lucky. I once heard that Germany’s passport is the one that you need the least visa. So that means in most countries, you can just travel to without having to apply for a visa. For example, my girlfriend, she’s from Brazil and I kind of, I don’t know, I like the US, so I want to travel to the US. Me, it’s kind of easier, I just have to fill this one paper, submit there and done. She really has to apply for big-time visa so it’s a much more complicated process. So I’m quite lucky with my German passport that brings me to all the countries I want to. Same as checking your passport visa or something, you should do it on time, because it always takes a while through all the stuff. There’s process like document after document after sending some stuff, receiving some stuff and another document. So, just make sure you plan ahead, do all that on time and then you will be safe and can start your travel.
So, this is from me for you, the guideline how to prepare and plan your travel. I hope you liked the lesson, and I hope you enjoyed it. For me, travelling is so cool. I guess, you all love travelling. It’s why you love learning languages and are here with me. Make sure you don’t forget anything. Make sure to renew your passport, come to Germany, plan ahead, ask for a vacation and then pack. See you next time! Ciao-ciao!